Brexit Party says Tories of ‘running scared’ as Brecon candidate warns ‘they face wipeout’

Posted on Jul 4 2019 - 1:28am by admin

And he also had harsh words for Conservative Party candidate Chris Davies, who has been selected to fight the seat once again, despite his conviction for forging expense claims, which triggered the recall campaign and in turn forced the by-election. Mr Parkinson, a former police Chief Superintendent, was unveiled as the fledgling party’s choice to contest the vote, scheduled for August 1, at the weekend. He swiftly jumped into the fray, suggesting the Conservative Party would pay a heavy price for failing to deliver Brexit after the 2016 referendum.

Mr Parkinson told “If the Tories continue like they are they will be wiped out.

“I think that people at the top of the Conservative Party now realise they have got very serious problems.”

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has floated the idea of an election pact with the Tories should Boris Johnson succeed in his bid to become party leader, suggesting there was a “deal to be had”.

However, Mr Parkinson said any talk of such an arrangement was “a long way off”, saying: “Personally I would not trust them.

“We are certainly not in that position at the moment.

“Boris Johnson actually voted for Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement don’t forget, and if that had gone through we’d probably be in an even worse position that staying in the EU.”

Mr Parkinson also trained his sights on Mr Davies, who was removed from office after a recall petition hit 10,000 signatures.

He had previously admitted two counts of making a false instrument and one count of providing false or misleading information for allowance claims in relation to a £700 expenses claim.

On April 23, he was sentenced to a community order requiring 50 hours’ unpaid work, together with a fine of £1,500.

Despite his conviction, the Tories selected him to fight the seat once more.

Mr Parkinson said: “He’s let himself down.

“The reality is that what he’s done, the recall campaign, the election, everything, has cost £500,000. 

“What he did has had big consequences.”

Should Mr Parkinson win next month, he would become the Brexit Party’s first MP, barely six months after its launch in January.

Mike Greene narrowly lost out in the Peterborough by-election last month by 683 votes to Labour’s Lisa Forbes.

The Brexit Party has subsequently launched a legal challenge to the result with chairman Richard Tice claiming to have evidence proving a “convicted fraudster” working as an agent for the Labour Party, understood to be a reference to Tariq Mahmood.

Mr Tice told last week: “We have to be able to trust in our voting system.”

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