Brexit Parliament vote date: When do MPs vote on Brexit?

Posted on Nov 24 2018 - 1:53pm by admin

The Brexit process has been surging forward recently, but Theresa May’s landmark bill struggles to gain support.There has already been a mass exodus from Mrs May’s cabinet, and as a result the Prime Minister is left looking for allies. The EU has to rubberstamp the agreement before the text becomes the official plan of exit from the EU.

The bill will then go to a vote in the House of Commons where MPs will debate and vote on the text before it makes its way through Parliament.

When do MPs vote on Brexit?

The Prime Minister has received backing from her cabinet on her Brexit plan, Parliament is the next step.

She has been adamant for MP’s to vote on the landmark bill before the year is out, specifically before Christmas.

Mrs May could be looking to set a date for early December, when MP’s can set about debating the deal in the Commons.

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Theoretically this would give Mrs May some time to streamline her 585 page long deal with help from her peers.

Already however, major political leaders have been preparing to vote against the deal.

Both Labour and the SNP have condemned the agreement and are likely to order votes against it.

Leader of Commons Andrea Leadsom has declined to give MPs a date as to when they can expect to vote on the deal.

Before all of this however, EU leaders are set to vote on Mrs May’s plan this weekend.

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European Union member states are expected to rubberstamp the deal on Sunday during a special summit amid fears Spain could attempt to veto the agreement amid a row over Gibraltar and a future trade deal.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is one person who is so far unconvinced.

Mr Sanchez has demanded changes to the text before Madrid considers approving the deal.

He said: “As things stand today if there are no changes regarding Gibraltar, Spain will vote no on Brexit.

“As a country we cannot assume that whatever happens in the future with Gibraltar would be negotiated by the UK and EU – it will have to be negotiated between Spain and the UK.”

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European Council President Donald Tusk has laid out progress of the deak outlining future relations between the EU.

In a recent tweet, he said: “I have just sent to EU27 a draft Political Declaration on the Future Relationship between EU and UK.

“The Commission President has informed me that it has been agreed at negotiators’ level and agreed in principle at political level, subject to the endorsement of the Leaders.”

With Britain due to leave the EU on March 29, 2019, this weekend’s EU summit is crucial to the UK leaving the bloc with a deal.

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