Brexit on hold as EU top brass demand UK pay even MORE for retired Eurocrat's pensions

Posted on Oct 19 2017 - 1:51pm by admin

The bloc are adding an extra £6billion demand to their vast Brexit bill to account for the inflated cost of pension liabilities for retired eurocrats.

But experts and diplomats have told the Times the amount currently being demanded is being calculated with an unnecessarily high rate as the bloc attempt to bleed the nation dry in negotiations.

The current total pension liability bill the bloc are demanding is set at roughly £9.8billion – but if staff contributions and historical investment rates are used in calculations the figure falls to as little as £3.5billion.

A source close to the talks said: “Paying pensions for well-heeled Eurocrats is one thing but doing it at a rip-off rate is toxic and could be too nasty a medicine for the British public to swallow.

“Is it really worth jeopardising everything for this?”

Theresa May is set to discuss the issues today as she attends a summit dinner with EU leaders amid the negotiation deadlock.

But hot on her heels Jeremy Corbyn is also set to travel to Brussels to meet with the Chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and president of the European Council Antonio Tajani.

The Labour leader will attempt to thrust himself into the spotlight when he meets three Prime Ministers and Mr Barnier on Thursday, according to Sky News.

But it will be a blow to Theresa May as she will also be travelling to meet European chiefs to carry out crucial talks in a bid to push Brexit talks forward.

Mrs May is facing a host of challenges, on the exit deal in parliament, the divorce bill, and other issues.

In addition, she must now contend with the opposition leader trying to upstage her.

In recent weeks, EU bosses were said to be ramping up talks with Mr Corbyn and snubbing Mrs May over concerns she will soon be ousted.

Brussels is deeply concerned about the in-fighting gripping the Tories and are now seeking assurances from Mr Corbyn that he will honour any promises that he made on Brexit if he sweeps to power.

A source told The Daily Telegraph: “Corbyn is beginning to be taken seriously in Brussels. He has been a mystery on European affairs through the referendum and since. People didn’t quite know what he wants or what he thinks but that is changing.

“You have to believe that the other side’s negotiating position is genuine and you have to believe that whatever you agree along the way is going to be implemented in the future.”

Sources said that EU bosses have had a “significant change in tone” towards Labour.

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