Brexit news: Theresa May speech urges Tories to 'face up to doubts' and DELIVER Brexit

Posted on Mar 17 2018 - 8:13am by admin

Theresa May will say: “On Brexit and on the economy the British people can see that the Conservative Party is acting on its values and delivering for them.

“We are the party that is acting on the democratic will of the British people by delivering Brexit, completing the first phase of discussions with the EU last year and continuing our progress in the months since.

“And we are the party that understands the need for a strong economy, pursuing policies which deliver sustained growth and record jobs, and pursuing a modern industrial strategy to help all parts of the UK benefit from economic opportunity.”

Mrs May will set out her aim to support education and the NHS with a vision for “compassionate Conservatism”.

She will warn her party that it will need to “face up to the doubts” the British public may have with them over public services even if they think they are “unfair”.

And she will add: “So as we carry on delivering Brexit and carry on taking the action needed to build an economy fit for the future, we – as a party and as a Government – must mount a determined effort to win and keep the public’s trust in our management of public services.”

She warned that a Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn would “cripple the economy” and destroy public services.

The PM will tell the Tory party it “must mount a determined effort” to “win and keep” the public’s trust in its management of public services.

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