Brexit news: Remainer MPs FORCE May to accept vote on soft Brexit options

Posted on Mar 11 2019 - 12:47pm by admin

Despite already being forced to give a vote to MPs on delaying Brexit by two months should her plan B fall at the first hurdle next week, Tory Remainers are now demanding a ballot to bind the Government into “indicative votes”. The votes would involve a range of options that would aim to find one that gains a Commons majority, The Sun reports. It adds the result of which would soften the Brexit deal in its entirety due to Parliament’s pro-Remain bias. There is also the added danger of anti-Brexit MPs sneaking in a second referendum.

However, the Tory MPs who want to Remain, who are led by Oliver Letwin, would only table the amendment if Mrs May refused to give them a choice of Brexit options herself.

The indicative votes have been penciled in for March 25.

Yesterday, Mrs May appeared to have made a breakthrough in negotiations with the bloc after EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier posted a series of tweets that on the outset seemed to demonstrate Brussels caving in to Britain’s demands.

Yet a closer look at the offer showed they made an attempt to use the Irish backstop to split the United Kingdom down the Irish Sea, leaving Northern Ireland involved with the backstop, but not England, Scotland and Wales.

Mr Barnier said he offered Britain a unilateral exit from the Irish backstop.

Mr Barnier said the UK Government was offered an opportunity to partially quit the mechanism to avoid a hard border on Ireland.

The French eurocrat told EU27 ambassadors at a secret meeting in Brussels, Attorney General Geoffrey Cox was offered a fresh compromise in a bid to save Theresa May’s doomed Brexit deal.

The offer was condemned by Britain’s Brexit negotiators, with Andrea Leadsom blasting the proposal.

The leader of the House of Commons said this morning: “There is still hope but I have to stay I’m deeply disappointed with what we are hearing coming out of the EU.

“I do have to ask myself what game are they playing here.”

The Brexit deadline is now in 20 days time on March 29.

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