Brexit LIVE: What is PM hiding? 11th hour bid to HALT Brexit legal advice being revealed

Posted on Dec 3 2018 - 8:46am by admin

The Government has said it is willing to publish a “full reasoned political statement” on the legal position of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement but Labour, who are spearheading a movement among MPs from all parties, say it is not enough.

Last week the Chancellor said the Government would only publish a summary, insisting advisers must be able to provide advice in confidence.

However, shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said he would work with all parties to make force the Government into publishing the advice.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph yesterday, he said: “If the full legal advice is not forthcoming, we will have no alternative but to start proceedings for contempt of Parliament – and we will work with all parties to take this forward.”

Mr Starmer added the situation is an “historic constitutional row that puts Parliament in direct conflict with the executive.”

Crucially, Theresa May is facing opposition from the DUP, which props up her Government, who are understood to be ready to sign a joint letter with other parties to Speaker of the House John Bercow demanding Brexit legal advice is made public.

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8.07am update: How will Theresa May’s crucial week shape up?

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox will make a statement to the House of Commons today and take a grilling from MPs on why the Government has not published legal advice on Brexit.

Tomorrow, five days of debate begins ahead of the ‘meaningful vote’ next week.

The debates will give a clearer idea of whether the Prime Minister will get her deal through Parliament as MPs express their support or opposition to the Withdrawal Agreement.

Theresa May will take to the despatch box for Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday where it is expected she will face tough questions from all sides of the Commons, including many from her own party.

At some point this week the live Brexit TV debate will be confirmed, with the BBC planning to broadcast a show on Sunday evening.

Throughout the week the Prime Minister will be hoping to avoid any further resignations after Sam Gyimah quit over the weekend.

8.27am update: Blair calls for clear choice in second referendum

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has demanded a second Brexit referendum should a choice between remaining in the European Union or leaving the bloc with a hard Brexit.

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Monday, Mr Blair said a second referendum is the only way settle the stark divide in Parliament over the Withdrawal Agreement.

The former Labour leader told hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid: “There’s a division in Parliament, in the cabinet and certainly in the country and you’ve got two different versions of Brexit on offer.

“You’ve got the version Theresa May is putting forward but the problem is it doesn’t really please the people who voted Brexit most strongly and it doesn’t please people who wanted to remain.

“You’ve got a Boris Johnson/Nigel Farage kind of Brexit which I would say is a true Brexit which takes us out of the economic structures of the European Union as well as the political.

“You’ve had 30 months of negotiation and stalemate.

“I think the only way to resolve this is to have the option either remain or alternatively leave but leave on terms that makes it clear this is hard Brexit, you are leaving in a way those who most ardently argued for Brexit want.”

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