Brexit LIVE: ‘NO secret Brexit deal’ – May tells cabinet ministers she has NOT CAVED IN

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Theresa May wanted to quash reports an agreement between the UK and the EU was closer than she had acknowledged to them.

There were claims Mrs May had secured a secret deal with the EU to keep the whole of the UK in the customs union to avoid a hard border in Ireland.

The Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has said the Irish position remains clear and a backstop that could be ended by the UK unilaterally would never be agreed to by Ireland or the EU.

On Twitter, Mr Coveney said: “The Irish position remains consistent and very clear that a ‘time-limited backstop’ or a backstop that could be ended by UK unilaterally would never be agreed to by Ireland or the European Union.”

Theresa May

Theresa May told cabinet ministers rumours were not true a deal was done (Image: GETTY)

We need to be out of the customs union and we need to get out of the customs union in a timely way

Steve Baker

This comes as the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has described a proposed Brexit deal with the EU as an “absolute stinker” as he demanded MPs should reject it.

He was speaking about the speculation Prime Minister Theresa May had allegedly made a deal with Brussels allowing the creation of a whole-UK customs union.

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2pm update: Nigel Farage says he is confident May will get a withdrawal deal from the EU

Speaking to Sky, Mr Farage said: “In classic Brussels style, at the 11th hour there will be a deal, I’ve no doubt about that. It will be Brexit in name only.

“The rebels within the Conservative Party tend to melt away and become a relatively small number.

“My guess is that the customs union style deal that Theresa May is lining up … she’ll get it through parliament.”

The former Ukip leader said if Brexit did not happen, there would not be violence on the streets but the Tory party would suffer and UK politics would be shaken up.

1:30pm update: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar spoke to the Prime Minister Theresa May about the Brexit negotiations

Mrs May spoke about the possibility of a review mechanism for the Irish backstop.

The Taoiseach said he was open to proposals as long as the review did not involve unilateral decision to end the backstop.

He made it clear the backstop must apply ‘unless and until’ alternative arrangements are agreed.

Both May and Varadkar said they were hopeful negotiations could conclude as soon as possible.

1pm update: UK confident it will reach a deal with EU on financial services trade

The financial services minister John Glen said: “I am extremely confident we will reach an imminent deal.

“There is common ground. That is why we are increasingly positive on the expectation of reaching a deal.”

He also said the loss of jobs in the City after Brexit would be a fraction of what the scaremongering Remainers said it would be.

12pm update: Theresa May’s spokesman says cabinet will discuss Brexit on Tuesday

Both a no deal Brexit and a Brexit with a deal will be discussed by the cabinet.

The spokesman said the Government was working to secure a Brexit deal as soon as possible.

He said progress is good, but there is still a lot of work to do.

11am update: Business leaders sign letter demanding a second referendum 

A letter calling for a public vote on the Brexit deal has been signed by more than 70 top business leaders saying the Brexit deal will fail to bring “frictionless” trade.

The letter to the Sunday Times has been signed by the country’s top business heads, including the former boss of Sainsbury’s Justin King.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has said public trust in politics would be lost if Brexit did not happen (Image: GETTY)

The business leaders have formed a group called Business for a People’s Vote, which will launch on Thursday.

The letter says: “The business community was promised that, if the country voted to leave, there would continue to be frictionless trade with the EU and the certainty about future relations that we need to invest for the long term.

“Despite the Prime Minister’s best efforts, the proposals being discussed by the government and the European Commission fall far short of this.

“The uncertainty over the past two years has already led to a slump in investment.”

10am update: 1,400 lawyers sign letter demanding a People’s Vote

A second Brexit referendum has been backed by 1,400 of the UK’s top lawyers who have urged MPs to back one.

The lawyers, which include Labour peer Baroness Kennedy QC, have sent a letter to Parliament saying they are not legally tied to the 2016 vote.

The letter said: “Democratic government is not frozen in time” and questioned the validity of the vote and said it should not be the final word for the government any more than the 1975 referendum, which led to the UK joining the EU.

People's march

The letters demanding a People’s Vote come after 700,000 marched in London for a second EU vote (Image: GETTY)

The letter said during the 2016 referendum “the nature of the negotiation process and its outcome were unknown.

“Voters faced a choice between a known reality and an unknown alternative. In the campaign, un-testable claims took the place of facts and reality.”

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9am update: Former Brexit minister Steve Baker has said EU withdrawal should mean departure from customs unions “in a timely way”

Mr Baker said: “If we are going to regulate our own economy, if we are going to have our own independent trade policy, if we are going to be a normal independent country – which is what I understood the referendum result to have decided – then we need to be out of the customs union and we need to get out of the customs union in a timely way.”

Varadkar and Barnier

Leo Varadkar meeting Michel Barnier, the EU negotiator for Brexit (Image: GETTY )

8am update: Thousands send letter to Taoiseach urging him to defend Irish citizens in Northern Ireland over Brexit

One thousand nationalists have signed a letter to Leo Varadkar demanding he defend the right of Irish citizens north of the border amid the uncertainty of Brexit.

The letter said: “There is a very real potential that partition could be reinforced, and our country and our people further divided.

“This is a source of grave concern to all of us.

“We, as Irish citizens, urge you to adhere to your commitment that we would ‘never again be left behind by an Irish Government’ and to redouble your efforts, and the efforts of your government, to ensure that our rights are protected.”

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