Brexit LIVE: 'It's our best bargaining tool!' Morgan fury at MPs' complete no deal failure

Posted on Jun 14 2019 - 12:27pm by admin

The Good Morning Britain host described the threat of no deal as Britain’s “best bargaining tool” in negotiations with the bloc. He tweeted: “The big question re No Deal Brexit is not whether we should be prepared to do it (it remains our best bargaining tool) but why this government hasn’t prepared us to do it… they’ve had three years.”

It comes as the UK is due to leave the EU on October 31.

Tory leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson has promised to take Britain out on that date with or without a deal.


9.30am update: Brussels admits it CAN’T sue Britain over £39bn divorce bill

EU budget commissioner Günther Oettinger has admitted the bloc will not be able to sue Britain if a Boris Johnson-led government refuses to pay the £39bn divorce bill.

Mr Oettinger told the Guardian: “Mrs May’s government accepted the payment of that amount so we expect that, no matter which government will be our negotiating partner in the future. We expect them to accept that bill.

“We’re willing to go into the detail of how that sum breaks down. If a future government would not be ready or willing to pay then the problem is there’s not really a court to settle the dispute, but we do have some arguments.

“No matter who’s in charge he or she will want to ensure that the relationship between the UK and the EU has a future, that in terms of imports and exports, employment law, or programmes such as Galileo and Erasmus Plus or the Horizon Europe – we need to find solutions for all of those programmes.

“I don’t want to anticipate any future vote but we want to ensure that the EU can negotiate Horizon Europe, Erasmus Plus; we want to have agreement with UK universities and for that, for the future of UK research, we need to settle old debts fairly.”

8.55am update: BBC Question Time audience member orders Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament

A BBC Question Time audience member received applause after arguing Mr Johnson should suspend Parliament if he becomes Tory leader to push through Brexit.

She said: “I think he should suspend Parliament. I think that the people of the country want Brexit to go through.

“Up until now no one has been standing up and actually doing what the people want.”

The crowd applauded as she continued: “Labour are just sticking a spoke in the wheel all the time.”

8.15am update: Warning to businesses to prepare for no-deal Brexit

Firms should start preparing for a no-deal Brexit, a business group has warned.

With the UK due to leave the EU on October 31, the Institute of Directors said the risk of no deal is “very real”.

Edwin Morgan, interim director-general of the IoD, added: “We’d urge all businesses, if they haven’t done so already, to carefully consider their exposure and draw up mitigation plans now.”

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