BREXIT LIVE: Huge breakthrough on backstop – Brexiteers AND Remainers back fresh plans

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Jacob Rees-Mogg, Iain Duncan Smith and Steve Baker are behind a report, which will be released today, and calls for alternative arrangements to the backstop to be made within three years to break the current Brexit impasse. The report by Prosperity UK calls for “goodwill and pragmatism” on both sides and says a solution can be found “by harnessing existing technologies and customs best practice – futuristic high-tech solutions are not needed”.

Remainers Nicky Morgan and Greg Hands led research in to the report and say in their foreword: “Despite the volatility in British politics, we believe there is now a clear route open to a negotiated Brexit, which is firmly in the interests of all sides.”

The news comes as about a dozen Tory MPs threatened to support a vote of no confidence in the Government to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood said the rebels would include ministers as well as backbenchers, in a stark warning to the Tory leadership contenders who have kept the option of a no-deal Brexit on the table.

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Britain is due to leave the European Union on October 31, although Parliament could attempt to block Brexit if no agreement has been struck with Brussels.

On the possibility of some Tory MPs supporting the “nuclear option” of denying the Government Commons support if it pushed for no deal, Mr Ellwood told the BBC: “I believe that absolutely is the case.

“I think a dozen or so members of parliament would be on our side, would be voting against supporting a no-deal and that would include ministers as well as backbenchers.”


9.19am update: South Korea says ambassadors are telling UK its reputation is being destroyed by Brexit

The serving UK ambassador to South Korea revealed UK ambassadors are sending messages to the Foreign Office describing Breit as a shambles.

Speaking at Chatham House, Simon Smith said: “Some of you will have seen my predecessor‘s thoughts on all this, and all I will say on that, is he has not said anything but what quite a number of us have been saying to our government for the last year or so.

“It is my job to tell things as I see it in Korea and, to more or less quote from a note I wrote last year and sent to London, I have not really met a serious decision-maker or opinion-former in the Republic of Korea that thinks Brexit is a good idea.

“I have encountered what is characterisable as a spectrum from mild bemusement about Brexit to really quite serious and deep incredulity on the other end of the spectrum.”

9.01am update: EU branded ‘undemocratic’

Manfred Weber last night branded EU leaders and MEPs undemocratic after blocking his coronation as European Commission president.

The German MEP, who is the bookmakers’ favourite to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker, accused socialist and liberal politicians of ignoring last month’s European election results.

Mr Weber, the European People’s Party Spitzenkandidat, should have been made the EU’s most senior official after his bloc won the most MPs in the vote. But the German has failed to secure a majority in the European Parliament to support his accession to the Commission presidency.

Mr Weber said: “I really hope that the socialist and liberal MEPs show that they stand for Parliamentary democracy in Europe.

“It would be tragic if they put the interest of some capitals above the interest of a newly elected, strong European Parliament.”

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8.38am update: Dan Hannan hit by shock Brexit jibe from German MEP 

Tory MEP and Brexiteer Daniel Hannan was told Brexit was making him xenophobic during an exchange with a Germany colleague in Brussels.

He wrote in the Daily Telegraph: “‘Look what Brexit is doing to you,” a German MEP told me this week.

“‘You’re in crisis, your system is breaking down, everyone is looking for a way out’.

“I get this a lot in Brussels. ‘Brexit is making you poorer.’ ‘Brexit is making you angrier. ‘Brexit is making you more xenophobic.’”

8.21am update: Boris Johnson insists he won’t ‘bottle it’ on Brexit 

Boris Johnson has repeated his determination to deliver Brexit by Halloween.

The Tory leadership candidate appeared to deliver a retort to his rival to be prime minister as he vowed “we are not going to bottle it” on the EU exit date of October 31.

Mr Johnson remains under pressure to explain why police were called to the home he shares with partner Carrie Symonds, but in his column for the Daily Telegraph he attempted to switch attention back to political rather than personal issues.

He wrote: “We must leave the EU on Oct 31 come what may. It will honour the referendum result, it will focus the minds of EU negotiators.

“It is absolutely vital that we keep our eyes on the prize. It has been a long and parching march – but the oasis is finally in sight.

“We are just over four months away from the date on which, by law, we must leave the EU; and this time we are not going to bottle it. We are not going to fail.

“This time we are not going to shrink in fear from the exit, as we have on the last two occasions.”

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