Brexit LIVE: Boris Johnson to fill cabinet with Brexiteers to get EU exit done

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Mr Johnson will take the top job after Theresa May leaves Number 10 for the last time on Wednesday to formally tender her resignation to the Queen. Prior to heading to Buckingham Palace, former London Mayor Mr Johnson, 55, was beginning to choose his team. Mr Williamson, who was asked to resign by Mrs May after the leaking of confidential information relating to a National Security Council meeting, was seen arriving at a meeting with Mr Johnson yesterday, fuelling speculation that he could be handed a top role.

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Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith and European Research Group (ERG) chairman Jacob Rees-Mogg were also seen arriving at the meeting.

Ms Patel, an ardent Brexiteer who was forced by Mrs May to resign as international development secretary over unauthorised contacts with Israeli officials could replace Sajid Javid as Home Secretary, The Times has reported.

A source close to the Tory leader said: “Boris will build a cabinet showcasing all the talents within the party that truly reflect modern Britain.”

Others making their cases for promotion include Liz Truss, Andrea Leadsom, Dominic Raab and Esther McVey – although Jeremy Hunt, whom Mr Johnson convincingly defeated in the Tory leadership contest, is resisting attempts to move him from his current role as Foreign Secretary.

Meanwhile, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has floated the idea of an electoral pact with Mr Johnson – suggesting it is his “only way out”.


Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is poised to fill his cabinet with Brexiteers (Image: GETTY)

9.33am update: Cummings tipped for Johnson advisory role

The controversial architect of the Vote Leave campaign, Dominic Cummings, is in line to be new Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s senior adviser, the BBC has reported.

Mr Cummings, who was played by Benedict Cummings in the BBC docudrama Brexit: The Uncivil War, screened earlier this year, is credited with coining the acclaimed campaign slogan Take Back Control.

More recently, the House of Commons Privileges Committee said Mr Cummings committed a contempt of Parliament by not appearing to offer oral evidence into a Parliamentary inquiry into fake news when ordered to in 2018.

Mr Cummings has in the past been scathing about Tory Eurosceptics such as Bill Cash MP, reading them “useful idiots for Remain” during the 2016 election campaign.

He has also been highly critical of Theresa May’s Brexit strategy.

9.03am update: A busy day looms  for Johnson and May

A frantic afternoon of political activity will begin with Theresa May’s final Prime Minister’s Questions at noon.

Mrs May will then return to Downing Street and address staff before delivering a short statement in Downing Street about about 2.20.

She will then head to Buckingham Palace and tender her resignation to the Queen during a short audience.

Boris Johnson will then have an audience with the Queen and then enter Downing Street to deliver a statement at about 4pm.

Cabinet appointments are expected to be announced from 7pm onwards.

Theresa May

Theresa May – and Boris Johnson – have a busy day ahead (Image: Daily Express)

8.49am update: Brexit Party fields candidates in council by-elections

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is fielding its first candidates in council polls, aiming to win two seats in the latest local by-elections on Thursday.

The party, which topped the vote in the European Parliament election in the UK on May 23, is contesting a Conservative-held seat and a Labour-held one on Gloucester Borough Council.

It did not field candidates in local elections in England on May 2, following its establishment in January. The party failed to take a Commons seat in the Peterborough by-election won by Labour on June 6 but came second with 28.9 percent of the vote.

More than a dozen Ukip councillors are reported to have defected to the Brexit Party recently but the Gloucester contests will see the party’s first attempt to win council representation through the ballot box.

The by-elections follow the death of a Conservative councillor in Barnwood ward and the resignation of a Labour councillor in Podsmead ward.

8.46am update: “No chance,” says Hancock

However, health secretary and Johnson ally Matt Hancock dismissed the idea of an electorial pact with the Brexit Party out of hand.

Responding to US President Donald Trump’s statement that Mr Johnson and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage would work well together, Mr Hancock told the BBC: “There is no way that we are going to have any kind of electoral pact with the Brexit Party and with Nigel Farage.”

Mr Farage had earlier floated the idea, suggesting it represented Mr Johnson’s “only way out” of the Brexit impasse

8.43am update: Trump says Johnson and Farage should “work together”

Donald Trump has lavished praise on Boris Johnson as a rally in the US – during which he also suggested Britain’s new Prime Minister will team up with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

Mr Trump said: “A really good man is going to be the PM of the UK now. Boris Johnson. He’s good and he’s tough. They call him Britain’s Trump.

“That’s what they need. He’ll get it done. Boris is good.”

He also praised friend Nigel Farage too, saying he and Mr Johnson were “going to do some tremendous things” and would work well together.

8.32am update: MP spots candid message for Johnson

Not everybody in Parliament was congratulating Boris Johnson on becoming Conservative Party leader yesterday.

Labour MP Karl Turner tweeted a photo of a blunt message scrawled on the door of a toilet in the Commons.

He added: “So this was written on the door of a toilet in ⁦@HouseofCommons⁩ minutes after ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ was announced as the new ⁦@Conservatives⁩ leader.

“The toilets are accessible to the public so it doesn’t necessarily mean it was a #Tory MP that wrote it!?”

Boris Johnson

This message to Mr Johnson was spotted on a toilet door shortly after his victory (Image: GETTY)

8.26am update: Bercow “could allow no confidence vote in days”

Boris Johnson has been warned Speaker of the House John Bercow could “facilitate” requests for a confidence vote in his leadership before Parliament goes into recess later this week, cranking up the pressure still further as he tries to take Britain out of the EU by October 31.

Boris Johnson was elected as the new leader of the Conservative Party and next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Tuesday.

The overwhelming support he received from members of the party – 92,153 votes against Jeremy Hunt’s 46,655 – however could not provide Mr Johnson with enough protection to avoid a confidence vote before recess.

Asked about the possibility of MPs lodging a motion of no confidence in the new Prime Minister this week, Professor Richard Toye confirmed the Commons could indeed succeed in having the Speaker accept such a request.

8.22am update: Hunt turns down defence secretary role, claims Sky

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has turned down the chance to join Boris Johnson’s cabinet after he was offered – and refused – the post of defence secretary, Sky News has reported.

Mr Hunt, who was defeated by Mr Johnson in the Tory leadership contest, with the result declared yesterday, could be replaced in his current job by either current defence secretary Penny Mordaunt or Liz Truss, Sky reports.

MrJohnson is in the process of picking his cabinet, with Priti Patel and Gavin Williamson among those earmarked for promotion.

8.15am update: French throw down gauntlet over fishing: “You can’t stop us”

France’s agriculture minister has warned incoming prime minister Boris Johnson

against preventing French fishermen from fishing in British waters if Britain crashes out of the European Union without an exit deal later this year.

Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume told CNews: “It is possible that with Boris Johnson we will have a hard Brexit.

“There is no circumstance in which one could prevent, in which Boris Johnson could prevent, French fishermen from fishing in British waters.”

Guillaume also said France would not ratify a provisional trade deal with the Mercosur group of South American countries in its current form.

8.12am update: May sees no deal as a “threat to the United Kingdom”, says Barwell

Theresa May’s chief of staff has said the outgoing Prime Minister sees a no-deal Brexit as a threat to the United Kingdom staying together.

Former Tory MP Gavin Barwell told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “She is a passionate unionist and she has spent a significant amount of time in Northern Ireland during her premiership.

“And every time she visited, that, sort of, sense that the combination of Brexit and what it could mean to the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland and the lack of devolved government in Northern Ireland that there was a real threat.

“The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland is on a statutory duty to call a border poll if she believes there is evidence to support one.

“So, that is a real concern to her, yes.”

8.08am update: “He will need the support of the Brexit Party”

Mr Farage said a general election would split the Tories, so “for this strategy to work, he will need the support of the Brexit Party”.

Mr Farage has suggested his party would be better placed than the Tories to win Leave-supporting northern English seats from Labour.

But he said Mr Johnson “will have a lot of convincing to do to persuade us that an early election will lead to a clean-break Brexit” on October 31.

“If he is able to convince us, then together we would electorally smash the Labour Party, he would assume a big working majority, and he would go down as one of the great leaders in British history.”

8.05am update: General election is Johnson’s “only way out”, says Farage

Writing in the Telgraph, Mr Farage said: “There is no prospect of a meaningful Brexit thanks to the views of most sitting MPs.

“And any attempt to prorogue Parliament will lead to the PM being brought down by his own side.

“The inescapable truth, therefore, is that he must hold an autumn general election. That is his only way out.”

8.03am update: Farage “open” to idea of electoral pact with Johnson’s Tories

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said he is open to an electoral pact with Boris Johnson – but only if he is serious about his commitment to the October 31 deadline for leaving the European Union.

New Tory leader Mr Johnson has ruled out a deal with Mr Farage and stressed he does not want an early election.

But Mr Farage said an election would be required to ensure Brexit can be delivered on time and if his party and the Tories agreed an alliance they could “smash” the Labour Party.

He said Mr Johnson should realise he will need an election to get Brexit through the Commons.

Mr Farage said: “He is going to have to risk his longed-for position as PM to ensure Brexit is enacted properly.

8am update: “Clean Brexit can deliver unexpected boost for the pound”

Mr Johnson added: “Sterling is currently floundering due to the ongoing Brexit chaos and uncertainty which has put the brakes on the UK economy.

“The pound’s weakness has also been driven by fears regarding Mr Johnson’s embrace of the possibility of a no-deal Brexit on 31 October, with many forecasting an economic shock for Britain if this were to occur.”

He goes on: “However, there’s also an argument to suggest that Mr Johnson’s controversial ‘do or die’ approach – and a hard break – will at least end the years of failed negotiations which have fuelled endless uncertainty for business and the markets.

“A quicker and cleaner exit from the EU could indeed deliver an unexpected boost for the pound as international and domestic investors get the clarity they crave before stepping off the sidelines and investing into the UK.”

7.58am update: Johnson will offer “clarity” for businesses, says financial adviser

Boris Johnson’s election as MP will offer much needed clarity for British businesses, the CEO of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations has predicted.

Nigel Green, chief executive and founder of deVere Group Green said: “Boris Johnson has been the clear favourite in this leadership race since the beginning.

“As such, the markets have been pricing-in the immediate impact on sterling of a Johnson administration.

“It can be expected that there will be a knee-jerk reaction for the pound to the downside on the announcement that Boris Johnson has won the keys to Number 10. But as it is expected and priced-in, it will not drop too much further or for too long.”

7.44am update: Johnson to increase numbers of women in cabinet, says Peston

Boris Johnson will increase the number of women and people from ethnic minorities in his new cabinet, ITV’s political editor Robert Peston has predicted.

Mr Peston tweeted: “As I said on @NewsAtTen, @patel4witham will rejoin cabinet and @AlokSharma_RDG will be promoted to cabinet.

“Number of women full members of cabinet will increase from current five (out of 23) and @BorisJohnson has told colleagues that there will be record number of ethnic minorities attending cabinet.

“White old Etonian Balliol man keen to prove his government represents modern UK. Forming his first government may be only time @BorisJohnson has near absolute power. All jobs in his gift. How bold will he be?”

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s election can deliver clarity for businesses, Nigel Green said (Image: Reuters)

7.30am update: “Deliver Brexit or Farage will replace you,” Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin warns Johnson

Boris Johnson risks losing his premiership to Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage if he fails to make good on his “do-or-die” pledge to leave the EU by October 31, Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has predicted.

The pub chain entrepreneur and prominent Brexiteer who has campaigned alongside Mr Farage on a number of occasions, was speaking after Mr Johnson was confirmed as the Tory Party leader after a landslide victory over rival Jeremy Hunt.

Mr Martin told “If Boris Johnson doesn’t leave the customs union on October 31, Nigel Farage will be this country’s next Prime Minister, not necessarily right away, but eventually.

“He could be the only person who will do what it said on the ballot paper in the 2016 referendum.”

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