Brexit LIVE: Boris faces fresh Brexit sabotage – Remainers plot delay even if deal agreed

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Former cabinet ministers Philip Hammond, Dominic Grieve and David Lidington are understood to be leading the charge to demand the Prime Minister delays Brexit beyond October 31, regardless of the outcome of next week’s critical EU summit. The revelation comes as UK and EU officials continue to attempt to thrash out a solution to the controversial backstop. According to reports coming out the Brussels negotiations, a compromised deal involves Northern Ireland remaining politically in a customs union with the EU but it would be administered by the UK – something Deputy leader Nigel Dodds has already said “cannot work”.

Further details are set to emerge in the next 24-hours as Mr Johnson holds further talks with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Under the so-called Benn Act if a deal is not reached by the end of the EU summit on October 19 – the Prime Minister must ask the EU for another delay.

The Tory Remainers are understood to be concerned about the lack of time to scrutinise any potential deal with parliament set to vote on any agreement in the House of Commons next Saturday.

A source close to the former Chancellor to the Mail on Sunday: “There is a distinction between Parliament ‘approving’ the broad outline of a deal in a simple motion and Parliament legislating for a deal.

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Brexit news: Tory rebels are plotting to force a delay even if a deal is agreed (Image: GETTY)

“The fact is that the latter is not possible in the time remaining, so the Benn Act will come into force to allow some time to legislate and finalise the deal.”

Meanwhile, a senior Government source fired back at Mr Hammond insisting he is attempting to cancel Brexit altogether.

The source said: “As Chancellor, Hammond sabotaged the negotiations and sabotaged preparations to leave – now he’s trying to sabotage leaving altogether.

“His latest move shows that he is not trying to stop No Deal – he is trying to enforce a No Brexit’.”

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Brexit news: Boris Johnson has pledged a ‘do or die’ Brexit by October 31 (Image: GETTY )

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Brexit news: Grieve says a deal cannot be forced through in seven days (Image: GETTY)

Mr Hammond has since denied any plot insisiting he has voted for a Brexit deal three times. 

Meanwhile Mr Grieve – who was central to the implementation of the so-called “surrender act” has it is “improper” to force a deal through parliament. 

Mr Grieve said: “He’s going to have to extend. I cannot see how he would be justified in trying to force through a major piece of constitutional legislation, the Withdrawal Agreement Act, in seven days. It’s improper.”

Mr Lidington said: “I’ve always felt there would at least need to be a time where technical legal details had to be hammered out and that was going to take us beyond the end of October.”

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Brexit news: Key Brexit dates until October 31 (Image: EXPRESS)

12.45pm update: Poll reveals support for Scottish independence has reached 50 percent

Support for Scottish independence has risen to 50 percent according to a new poll.

The Panelbase survey for The Sunday Times Scotland also found more respondents than not believe the Scottish economy would be better off with independence in the EU than in the UK after Brexit.

The 50 percent figure backing independence marks a five point increase on the 45 percent Panelbase registered on average in its polls last year, which mirrored the result of the 2014 independence referendum.

11.50pm update: Boris softens his stance: MPs must choose ‘any deal or delay’ – what do YOU think? POLL

11.00am update: Patel reveals security plans for a no deal Brexit

Home Secretary Priti Patel has said the Government has been stepping up security measures in preparation for the possibility of a no deal Brexit.

The Home Secretary said the Government is looking at “alternative arrangements” for intelligence and data sharing, but denied it feared an upsurge of Irish republican terrorism in the event of no-deal.

Ms Patel told the BBC “That is not the case at all.”

She added: “Our security arrangements will be based upon the type of tools, the type of shared intelligence forums and the data sharing platforms that we currently have, but again looking at alternative arrangements in which we can share that intelligence and information and data.

“We have been working on that over the last three months.”

She added: “When it comes to security tools and security co-operation there are many measures that are being put in place right now in preparedness for no deal. Those include a range of security tools that we have been working on.

“Specifically to Northern Ireland, we are very conscious and we are working with all organisations, agencies to ensure that we remain safe.”

10.40pm update: Swinson brands Boris’s deal ‘ridiculous’ without even seeing it

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson has said the Prime Minister’s revised Brexit deal sounds “ridiculous”.

Ms Swinson has said Boris Johnson’s deal “looks like” Theresa May’s failed withdrawal agreement which would be “catastrophic” for the country.

Ms Swinson role told Sky News: “This deal, obviously detailed to be confirmed, but it looks like much the free-trade agreement type proposal that was put forwards in November 2018 that the Government’s own analysis showed would be catastrophic.”

She added: “So ultimately we want a deal to be put to the public so they can have the final say, and Liberal Democrats will campaign strongly to remain because we believe there is no possible deal we can get that is better than the deal we have as members of the EU.

“And the public need to have the choice to decide if they want to have this ridiculous deal that Boris is churning up, or even Theresa May’s deal.”

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Brexit news: Jo Swinson has branded Boris Johnson’s deal ‘ridiculous’ (Image: SkyNews)

10.20am update: Rees-Mogg rules out short extension if deal agreed

Jacob Rees-Mogg has ruled out a short extension to Article 50 if a deal is reached with the EU and has insisted there is enough time for legislation to be passed before October 31.

The leader of the House of Commons told Sky News:”If we get the deal and we have a vote possibly next Saturday and that is agreed, getting it through in legislation won’t be that problematic.

“The Prime Minister has been absolutely clear we are leaving on October 31 – this is of great importance.”

10.10am update: Rees-Mogg ‘more positive’ about deal and urges Brexiteers to ‘trust’ Boris

Jacob Rees-Mogg has said the prospects of a deal look more positive than they did last week and has urged hardline eurosceptics to trust Boris Johnson.

Speaking on Ridge On Sunday on Sky News, Mr Rees-Mogg said: “Well what’s happening is the Government made some proposals to the European Union and these are being considered and negotiations seem to be taking a serious turn and that’s encouraging.

“I think it’s always difficult to put specific odds on things, but it certainly looks a lot more positive this week than it did last week.”

Mr Rees-Mogg added: “I think that he is somebody who even the arch euro-sceptics, even a member of the Brexit Party can trust and have confidence in.”

9.45am update: Corbyn refuses to reveal if Labour will support Boris’s deal

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will wait to see what Boris Johnson’s deal is before deciding which way to vote.

The Labour leader told Sky News: “We will decide what our voting process is when we know what the deal is.

“I can’t really answer a question on whether we support a deal or not which we have not yet seen and I don’t think any Labour MP has yet been able to answer that question either.”

9.40am update: Rees-Mogg says Cabinet to be given update on negotiations this afternoon

Jacob Rees-Mogg has revealed Boris Johnson will brief the cabinet this afternoon with an update on the progress of Brexit negotiations.

The Leader of the House of Commons told Sky News” “The cabinet will be briefed at 12.45pm this afternoon as to how far these negotiations have gone, and that’s obviously an important part of the process.”

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Brexit news: Jacob Rees-Mogg said the prospect of a deal are ‘more positive’ (Image: SkyNews)

9.30am update: Rees-Mogg says Government will have to make compromises

Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned Brexiteers the Government will have to make compromises to get a deal but insists they can trust Boris Johnson not to concede too much to Brussels

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Rees-Mogg said: “In the final stages of the Brexit negotiation, compromise will inevitably be needed, something even the staunchest Leavers recognise albeit unwillingly – but as a Leaver Boris can be trusted.

“He wants to take back control and has dedicated his political career to this noble cause.

“If he thinks the ship of state is worth an extra ha’porth of tar he deserves support.”

9.20am update: Hammond says parliament need to see the whole deal and denies any plot to stop Brexit

Former Chancellor Philip Hammond has said parliament will need to see the “full detail” of any Brexit deal and has denied reports of a plot to stop Brexit.

Mr Hammond wrote on Twitter: “The Mail on Sunday is wrong – there is no plot. If Parliament approves a deal that has been agreed with the EU, the Benn Act does not apply. But parliament will need to see the full detail of a deal, not just a headline, before it will approve anything.

“We have voted for a deal three times in the Commons – and will do so again if it’s a deal that benefits the whole of the UK.”

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