Brexit latest: What were the results of last night's indicative votes? Results IN FULL

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There was hope for tonight’s ‘indicative votes’ to show the Government what the House would vote for, to show what would command a majority for the way forward on Brexit. Eight motions were presented to MPs, with the option of a yes or no vote. But with all rejected, there is still no clarity as to what will break this impasse.

In an interview on Today this morning, Oliver Lewin, the MP who championed the indicative vote process, said he expected this to happen.

Brexit Secretary Steven Barclay said the results strengthened ministers’ view their deal was “the best option”.

He said a “wide variety of options” had been considered and it was clear there was no “simple way forward”.

Most expect the Government to put Theresa May’s deal to a third meaningful vote at some stage soon, after she announced she would resign if it was delivered.

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What were the results of the indicative votes?

Here is a summary of each motion with the vote results:

1) No deal Brexit (B)

Leave the EU on 12 April without a deal – Tory MP John Baron.

  • For: 160
  • Against: 400

2) Common Market 2.0 (D)

The UK joins the European Economic Area and negotiates a temporary customs union until alternative arrangements can be found – Tory MP Nick Boles

  • For: 188
  • Against: 283

3) European Free Trade Association (EFTA)/European Economic Area (EEA) (H)

Similar to Common Market 2.0 but rejects any kind of customs union with the EU and says the Irish backstop must be replaced with alternative arrangements – Tory MP George Eustice.

  • For: 65
  • Against: 377

4) Customs union (J)

Calls for the UK to negotiate a permanent customs union with the EU after Brexit – Tory MP Ken Clarke.

  • For: 264
  • Against: 272

5) Labour’s alternative plan (K)

A customs union with the EU and “close alignment” with the single market – Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

  • For: 237
  • Against: 307

6) Revoke Article 50 (L)

Cancel Brexit if the UK gets within days of leaving without a deal. MPs would be asked to vote on a no-deal exit and if they rejected that, Article 50 would be revoked – SNP MP Joanna Cherry.

  • For: 184
  • Against: 293

7) Confirmatory public vote (M)

Parliament cannot ratify or implement any agreement on the UK’s withdrawal and future relationship “unless and until they have been approved by the people of the UK in a confirmatory public ballot” – Labour MP Margaret Beckett.

  • For: 268
  • Against: 295

8) Malthouse Plan B (O)

The UK makes its budgetary contributions to the EU to the end of 2020 and agrees with the EU a period of two years in which UK goods have full access to the EU – Tory MP Marcus Fysh.

  • For: 139
  • Against: 422

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