Brexit latest: The THREE facts you need to know – what is happening with Brexit now?

Posted on Apr 13 2019 - 5:02pm by admin

Westminster has turned from total chaos to complete silence following a Brexit delay granted by the EU this week. Turmoil in Parliament went into frenzy this week as the UK’s default position was to leave the bloc today, on April 12, unless another agreement was reached. Prime Minister Theresa May sought a short delay from the EU, not extending the divorce plans longer than until June 31.

But instead, the EU offered a longer extension, until October 31 as they lost faith the Prime Minister could reach a final agreement with UK lawmakers in the next couple of month.

Now, meetings will continue in a bid to break the Brexit deadlock that has haunted Westminster for months.

Although it’s calm at the moment, there are plenty of upcoming tasks to be dealt with, including two sets of elections next month with local elections on May 2 followed by EU elections on May 23.

With that in mind, expect things to heat back up again sooner rather than later.

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The three Brexit facts you need to know

Westminster’s ceasefire

MPs start their Easter break today but left Parliament with a few words from the Prime Minister, urging them to re-focus on what’s important over Brexit.

Theres May’s words seem to have been welcomed across Whitehall.

No-deal Brexit plans have been officially “stood down” after £1.5 billion was spent in just a year.

Brexit Minister James Cleverly last night insisted “ongoing”, long-term no-deal preparation continues – but admitted “imminent no-deal Brexit planning” has been stopped.

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Nigel Farage steps up the pressure

Although most MPs will have a rest over the next week or so, Nigel Farage is expected to step up the pressure on the Prime Minister today.

Mr Farage is launching his newly formed Brexit Party’s EU elections campaign and has described the latest Brexit extension as “nothing short of a national humiliation”.

The former UKIP-leader claimed Britain was governed by a “ruling class” and called for a “battle between the people and the politicians”.

Talks between Tories and Labour continue

The Conservatives will continue their cross-party talks with Labour in yet another attempt to break the Brexit deadlock.

The Prime Minister has said she will be bringing back her controversial Brexit deal to the Commons for a fourth time with the new delay in place.

Although the clock isn’t ticking as fast as previously with the new extension, Downing Street is still hoping they can get a deal through Parliament in time to avoid the need for Britain to vote in elections to the European Parliament on May 23.

But whether the talks with Labour will be successful is doubtful with party leader Jeremy Corbyn warning Mrs May she will have to compromise.

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