‘Brexit in name only’ REMOANERS threatening to DEFY will of British electorate warns MEP

Posted on Jun 18 2018 - 11:10pm by admin

The lawmaker claimed pro-European MPs are seeking to keep the UK as closely aligned to the EU as possible in a bid to punish pro-Brexit voters.

Speaking exclusively to the Express.co.uk, UKIP MEP Jane Collins criticised Theresa May’s proposed “backstop option” and the “customs partnership” model, which would see the UK remain aligned with EU regulations for an unspecified period of time beyond the official Brexit date in March 2019.

She said: “It would be a deliberate punishment inflicted by the Remainer political class and mandarins on the British people for having had the temerity to defy their ‘betters’ and voting leave in the referendum.

“It would also be an act of deliberate spite by the UK Remainers.”

The MEP also took direct aim at the Conservative Party, stating: “The Tory party is on the verge of betraying its word, its manifesto and its promises.”

She added such customs arrangements would defy the will of pro-Brexit voters and would fail to deliver on key principles for which they voted in the 2016 referendum.

She said: “I believe we are being pushed towards what I call BRINO – Brexit in Name Only.

“BRINO means staying in the customs union and the single market.”

The MEP noted such customs arrangements would leave the UK unable to influence its own policy, while remaining subservient to EU legislation.

She said: “This is absolutely the worst of all possible outcomes: the UK will remain subject to the whole canon of EU law and the judgments of the ECJ while having lost its voice and what little influence it has.

“Clearly this is what the EU wants and is threatening to get in March next year.

“Such an outcome, if it happened would be a disaster.”

Ms Collins’ criticism comes as deadlock mounts surrounding the proposed customs arrangement with the EU post-Brexit.

Mrs May had been expected to endorse the customs partnership model, which would see the UK collecting import tariffs on behalf of the EU, but this option was rejected by six of the 11 ministers in her Brexit ‘war’ Cabinet.

Other ministers have called for the maximum facilitation model to be introduced, which would involve implementing technology and a ‘trusted trader’ plan to reduce post-Brexit customs checks by monitoring goods passing through the border.

However critics have argued the implementation of this system will take too long, and could re-introduce a degree of friction at the border, threatening further violence in Northern Ireland.

Brexit Secretary David Davis also reportedly threatened to quit following a showdown with Mrs May over the wording of the “backstop” option, demanding that a final end-date be included in the official plan.

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