Brexit fury as 'hypocritical' SNP Europe spokesperson ignores UK fishermen in BBC debate

Posted on Mar 30 2018 - 4:10pm by admin

Stephen Gethin has been shot down on Twitter after ignoring the issue of UK fisherman during BBC Brexit discussion.

Mr Gethin, SNP MP for North East Fife, was on BBC Radio 4 Today to explain how SNP MPs potentially intended to vote on the final Brexit deal.

He said: “It is not clear to me what the Government’s position is at the moment, I mean we still have very significant questions to be answered.

“What happens to EU nationals, who contribute so much to our health service, and what happens to education funding?

“What happens to our fishing community? We’ve been let down in the past.”

The Scottish National Party wanted to remain in the European Union, though Stephen Gethins accepted that they have to work with the Government on Brexit.

He said: “Scotland voted overwhelming to remain, the Scottish government have set out a compromise which is to remain as part of the single market and part of the customs union.

“Now we’re in a parliament of minorities, we’re working cross-party and the reason we’re sitting here discussing a parliamentary vote and its not a foregone conclusion is that we sit in a parliament of minorities.

“Actually something I say gently to my Labour Party colleagues is sometimes I wish they would set up to the plate a little bit more under pressure.” 

Listeners were not happy with this passing comment and took to Twitter to share their anger.

Dov Trams wrote on Twitter: “Stephen Gethins hypocritical about Scottish fishing, under the SNP Scotland would never leave Common Fisheries Policy and they know it.

“They also ignore the more than one million Scots who voted for Brexit, but what is a million when Derek Mackay SNP MSP does the sums; less ability at sums than Diane Abbott.

“The SNP proposals on Brexit are flawed and pathetic.”

Ruth Wishart, a Scottish columnist and broadcaster, also criticised Stephen Gethins’ argument on Twitter.

She said: “Wonder why Stephen Gethins didn’t mention the proposed annexation of already devolved powers by Westminster on Radio 4 Today as the best reasons for Scots, Welsh and Northern Ireland MPs to reject Brexit ‘deal’.”

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