BREXIT FEAR: Britons applying for Swedish citizenship doubles – ‘Extraordinary situation!’

Posted on Mar 27 2019 - 3:16am by admin

Swedish Migration Agency described the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union as an “extraordinary situation” as it faces a backlog of applications from worried citizens. More than 1,300 Britons have already applied for Swedish citizenship in the first three months of 2019, compared to less than 2,000 throughout the whole of last year. If the trend continues, the figure will more than double to 4,000 by the end of the year.

Swedish Migration Agency spokeswoman Lisa Danling said: “Brexit is an extraordinary situation and the Swedish Migration Agency is therefore prioritising matters regarding British citizenship.”

Ms Danling insisted British applicants eligible for citizenship were being given top priority, however she warned some may not meet the requirements needed.

Ms Danling added: “Thereafter, we look at cases that require a minor supplement, for example if a person has missed a signature or has not submitted the needed documentation in their application.

“Lastly, we look into cases that are more demanding, where the Swedish Migration Agency has to investigate further into whether an application meets the requirements for a Swedish citizenship or not.”

In order to become a Swedish citizen, applicants must have lived in Sweden for five years.

However, those married to, or living in a registered partnership or cohabiting with, a Swedish citizen can apply after three years.

The UK’s pathway to exit the European Union took another twist last night after the Commons approved Sir Oliver Letwin’s amendment to give a larger say to Parliament.

The motion paved the way for backbenchers to seize control of the Brexit agenda by giving them more influence over the parliament timetable and the power to hold indicative votes on alternative deals.

Tomorrow the result of last nights defeat for the Government will be on show as the Speaker of the Commons choses a number of Brexit alternative plans to be voted on by MPs.

Meanwhile, according to the latest Swedish Government statistics, 27,685 British citizens currently live in Sweden, with the capital city of Stockholm being the most popular destination and home to 5,278 Britons.

Meanwhile the next largest populated cities that Britons live in are Gothenburg, with 2,261 and Malmo with 1,271 residents.

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