BREXIT FARCE: Redwood insists UK MUST leave on March 29 for THIS reason

Posted on Mar 17 2019 - 5:51pm by admin

The MP for Wokingham insists leaving the EU on March 29 remains the “best course of action for both sides” as it would set the ball running in order to strike a free-trade agreement with Brussels. Mr Redwood wrote on Twitter: “I see no reason for a delay in Brexit – the EU has always said we can’t negotiate a trade deal w/ them until we’ve left. “That is why the best course of action for both sides is for the UK to leave on 29 March but both to immediately enter serious talks about a free trade deal.”

The Tory backbencher maintains any potential delay will create further “uncertainty” for people and businesses across the country.

He added: “(Leaving now) would allow both sides to carry on w/o imposing tariffs & new barriers to trade as we negotiated the details of the FTA. A long delay w/ us still in the EU would put off any negotiation of our future trading relationship, adding to business uncertainty & putting off investment.”

The current impasse amongst parliamentarians means the UK is unlikely to leave the EU in the scheduled 12 days time, after MPs emphatically passed a motion, although not legally binding, to reject leaving without a deal.

Mr Redwood also hit out at Remainers who are looking to thwart the will of the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit in the 2016 referendum.

He said: “Remain appeals to democracy whilst disagreeing with its findings – Remain loves democracy only when the vote goes their way.”

Theresa May is set to hold a third ‘meaningful vote’ in the Commons this week despite suffering a defeat by 149 votes just 5 days ago.

However no business motion is yet to be announced in parliament, and senior cabinet members have today said the vote may not even go ahead.

Chancellor Philip Hammond stated the vote is “not definitely” going to be this week, whilst International Trade Secretary said the vote will be “determined by whether we can succeed in getting that vote through the House of Commons”.

Should the Mrs May overturn two of the biggest Government defeats in history and get her deal through the Commons at the third attempt , she will inform Brussels of the UK’s intension to seek a shorter extension to Article 50, when she meets EU leaders in Brussels on Thursday.

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