Brexit explained: The FIVE facts to know about Brexit as Theresa May BATTLES to save deal

Posted on Mar 20 2019 - 4:01am by admin

Theresa May has embarked on another desperate scramble to get her divorce deal from the EU through Parliament this week, but faced even further backlash in the process on Monday. With Brexit less than two weeks away, the British Prime Minister got told she would not be allowed to hold another vote before substantial changes have been made on her Brexit deal. It was Speaker John Bercow who put his foot down. But if Mrs May’s deal miraculously gets the approval from MPs, she will be asking for a short delay to Britain’s exit date – currently on March 29 – to allow time to ratify the deal. If not, two options are left: a lengthy extension, or simply no deal at all.

The five facts to know about Brexit

1. Theresa May continues fight for her deal

Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal has already been voted down twice – first by a historic 230 votes, then by 149.

But Mrs May is still determined to put her divorce deal from the EU to a third vote.

However, after Parliamentary Speaker John Bercow made a surprise statement to MPs in the House of Commons today, saying if the Government wishes to bring forward a new vote, the Prime Minister would have to substantially change the content of her exit deal, Mrs May could be in trouble.

A No. 10 spokesman said Mr Bercow’s statement requires “proper consideration”.

He said: ”We note the Speaker’s statement. This is something that requires proper consideration.”

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2. Tory rebels will have to change their position

The Prime Minister will need the support of most of the 75 rebel Tories if she’s to have any hope of passing the deal.

But a string of Tory MPs, including Boris Johnson, have said they will not do so.

Mr Johnson wrote in the Telegraph that Mrs May’s deal “gives the EU an indefinite means of blackmail” and will be the “final sabotage of Brexit”.

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3. MPs are demanding Theresa May hands in her resignation

Mrs May has faced further backlash from a string of MPs, demanding she resigns in exchange for the passing of a Brexit deal.

The shock report, which emerged today, came as Tory MPs went public with their opinion.

One of the MPs, Tom Loughton, spoke to the BBC on Sunday, and called on the Prime Minister to step aside immediately after Britain leaves the EU.

He said: “If she can get this deal through in the next week or so, I think she can then with her head held high say, ‘look, I got us through this really difficult period, now I’m going to hand over the baton’.

“If we get the deal through we come out… I think somebody new needs to come forward and take leadership there.”

4. Labour still talks about soft Brexit

Labour could throw its supports behind a referendum on Theresa May later this week, it has been reported.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said his party is likely to back an amendment which would allow Mrs May’s deal through Parliament in return for putting it to a public vote.

On Sunday’s Sky News’s Sophy Ridge he said the party would likely whip MPs to back the deal once he has “seen the wording”.

5. Britain remains an international laughing stock

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has compared Mrs May to the black knight in Mony Pything and the Holy Grail.

He told Dutch broadcaster WNL: “Look, I have every respect for Theresa May.

“She reminds me occasionally of that character from Monty Python where all the arms and legs are cut off but he then tells the opponent: ‘Let’s call it a draw.’

“She’s incredible. She goes on and on. At the same time, I do not blame her, but British politics.”

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