Brexit deal in seven days 'probably pushing it' admits Jeremy Hunt

Posted on Nov 9 2018 - 10:18am by admin

The Foreign Secretary said he was confident a deal over the terms of Britain’s departure would be struck but admitted: “how we get there is incredibly complicated.”

Mr Hunt said he was confident an eventual deal would get through Parliament and insisted Mrs may would not sign a deal that was inconsistent with the spirit of the Brexit the British public voted for in June 2016.

Speaking in Paris, Mr Hunt insisted there would never be a second EU referendum.

He used his speech to reassure European allies the UK will not diverge sharply from EU regulations once it cuts ties with Brussels and vowed Brexit would not signal “a race to the bottom”.

Speaking in French, Mr Hunt said: ”We have offered a framework for our future relationship which should give you confidence that we are not going to pursue a race to the bottom.”

He said France officials were keen to reach a Brexit deal as quickly as possible and added reaching agreement was in everyone’s best interests.

And he said he was confident the Irish border issue could be resolved to the satisfaction of all sides.

The Foreign Secretary’s visit to Paris comes at a crucial time in the negotiations to secure a deal but officials insist the trip was also aimed at showing the friendship between the two nations is “bigger than Brexit”.

Mr Hunt said: “It is a relationship of competition and co-operation, similarity and difference.

“Indeed my view is that it is precisely that mix which gives it its strength – because we have made a choice – for nearly 200 years – to work together.”

Speaking three days before Armistice Day marking 100 years since the end of the First World War, Mr Hunt said: “This was a war which changed our countries and our continent forever.

“It was a war in which our destinies as nations were yoked together – in which we fought and bled side by side for over four years – and in which, in the end, we prevailed.”

Mr Hunt is later  due to hold talks with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian on defence, national security and cyber-security.

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