BREXIT CRISIS: Polling expert says public opinion ‘strongly AGAINST Mrs May’ on ALL SIDES

Posted on Nov 18 2018 - 4:05pm by admin

Theresa May has faced an uphill struggle to retain power following the unveiling of her Brexit agreement plan on Wednesday. It resulted in a furious public and parliamentary backlash that saw seven ministers resign from the Cabinet, and a coup mounted against her leadership. And, according to one polling expert, the majority of the public – from both Leave and Remain sides – have shown that they are ‘strongly against’ the Prime Minister, who has so far taken 18 months to deliver a loose plan for exiting the EU. Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Professor John Curtice of the University of Strathclyde, an expert on polls and public opinion, claims that discontent has risen throughout all sides, with public opinion of the Prime Minister at a low.

He wrote: “Initial opinion polls suggest that not only does the Prime Minister have a battle on her hands to persuade MPS to back it, but she is also struggling to win over public opinion.”

Professor Curtice’s claims come after it was reported that a second referendum was now favoured by a large portion of the voting public.

Groups such as the People’s Vote are seemingly gaining momentum as Mrs May’s Cabinet begins to fray at the seams.

He said that polling company Survation found that only 60 percent of voters had actually seen or heard anything included within her brand-new agreement – suggesting opinion of Mrs May was dwindling.

Professor Curtice continued: “The Prime Minister’s Brexit is at risk of suffering the same fate that befell last summer’s Chequers deal.

“To many Leave voters it looks less attractive than exiting without a deal.

“Meanwhile, most Remain voters reckon it is still not as good an option as reversing Brexit. Between these two deeply entrenched positions, the deal appears to be a largely friendless compromise.”

Sky Data and Survation asked the public to choose from three options – no deal, Mrs May’s deal or staying in the EU, it was found that Mrs May’s new Brexit agreement plan was the least popular option.

Survation say only 16 percent would like the deal to go through, and Sky Data put the figure at only 14 percent.

Professor Curtice said: “As a result, when voters are simply asked whether they support or oppose a deal, both Remain and Leave camps are strongly against it.

“For example, YouGov reports that just 22 percent of Leave voters support the deal, while 42 percent are against – similar to equivalent figures of 20 percent and 47 percent among Remain supporters.

Survation also reported that among three in five voters who have heard something about the new deal, only 36 percent of Tory voters back it, with 42 percent opposed to Mrs may’s new proposal.

Mr Curtice continued: “If these figures persist during the next few weeks they will do little to help Mrs may persuade Brexiteer Tory MPs to back the deal after all.

“Rather they will reinforce the Brexiteer view that it is she – rather than they – who is out of touch with what their party wants.”

Survation interviewed 1070 people aged 18+ or over online on November 15, 2018, on behalf of the Daily Mail.

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