Brexit bovver boys! Tough-guy team to lay down law to Barnier warning UK WILL walk away
Posted on Jan 6 2018 - 7:22pm by admin

The group are concerned the EU’s chief negotiator Barnier has been surrounding himself with – and being informed by – only opponents of Brexit and is forming the opinion Britain is weak and biddable.

Now the delegation, which includes MWP Steven Woolfe, ex-CBI head Lord Digby Jones, Labour Leave chairman John Mills, and former British Chamber of Commerce chief John Longworth, hope to invoke the spirit of Churchill telling Mr Barnier there is “huge support” for reverting to World Trade Organisation rules rather than accept a bad deal.

Mr Barnier’s spokesman has said that his door is “always open” to those wishing to discuss Brexit.

Mr Woolfe said: “I think the EU has recognised there has been a bit of an echo chamber – it wasn’t just Blair, Adonis and Kenneth Clarke, but they also saw the leader of Scotland, the leader of Wales and on two occasions Jeremy Corbyn.

“All of those views give the impression that Brexit can be damaged, delayed or – in the words of Blair and Adonis – denied.

“We want to show a bit of strength, that there is an iron will behind the negotiations to give support to our politicians and our civil servants.

“As Winston Churchill said, ‘If we open a quarrel between past and present we shall find that we have lost the future.’ Those prophetic words of more than half a century ago are as true today as they were then.

“With our country embarking on its greatest political transformation since the Second World War we need some of that Churchillian spirit. We need hope, vision and leadership.”

According to the Daily Telegraph the meeting is largely aimed at healing divides between Britain and Europe.

But Mr Woolfe is concerned the EU negotiators have no idea of the strength of pro-Brexit feeling in Britain.

He said: “They don’t yet have an impression of that iron will – but  2018 will mark the launch of the Leaver fightback.

“If you try to persuade British people you can deny Brexit, then be of no doubt that there is huge support for simply moving toward WTO rules, and that we will stay there until we can find a satisfactory deal with our European cousins.”

Mr Barnier will meet with the group on Wednesday, and is also due to meet with Nigel Farage on Monday.

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