Brexit BOMBSHELL: No deal EU exit ‘too late’ to stop – claims top Boris Johnson aide

Posted on Aug 4 2019 - 6:27am by admin

Mr Cummings told ministers and officials that the Prime Minister will honour his promise to the people of Britain by leaving the EU by October 31, according to The Daily Telegraph. He also said Mr Johnson will honour it even if Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and other Remainer Tories succeed in forcing a General Election. In a series of briefings last week, Mr Cummings said that Mr Corbyn had missed his opportunity to secure an election before the UK’s departure from the EU in three months.

If Mr Johnson loses a vote of no-confidence when the Commons returns in September, it could lead to a snap General Election.

Mr Cummings said the Prime Minister would have the power to hold the election until after the UK’s departure date.

He also claimed an election would lead to a Conservative majority.

In one meeting, Mr Cummings warned that EU leaders which included French president Emmanuel Macron, who “think we’re bluffing” or believe that “MPs will cancel the referendum”.

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He said: “They don’t realise that if there is a no-confidence vote in September or October, we’ll call an election for after the 31st and leave anyway.”

Mr Cummings warned staff to prepare for a no-deal Brexit as EU leaders “won’t realise the Prime Minister is not bluffing until ­October” when it would be “too late”.

Mr Cummings’ comments reveal that while Mr Johnson is confident that Parliament cannot prevent him from fulfilling his promise to deliver Brexit by October 31, leaving the EU with a deal is still his preferred option.

It comes as Chancellor Sajid Javid announced a funding increase of £1.1billion into the Government’s no deal preparations.

On Monday, the Prime Minister is also expected to announce a cash injection of £1.8billion for the NHS.

The move is could be an attempt to boost support ahead of a possible General Election.

Mr Cummings’ remarks also suggest Mr Johnson’s government was boosted by polling last week which showed that the Tories would have a seven-point lead over Labour.

A recent ORB poll published on Saturday suggests that one in three voters are now happy with the way the government is handling Brexit, compared with one in ten under Theresa May’s government.

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