Brexit BLOCK: Lawyers say ANOTHER EU vote IS ‘democratic’ in new demand for People’s Vote

Posted on Nov 6 2018 - 2:19am by admin

The lawyers, which include Labour peer Baroness Kennedy QC, have sent a letter to Parliament saying they are not legally tied to the 2016 vote.

The letter said: “Democratic government is not frozen in time”.

Questioning the validity of the EU vote they said it should not be the final word for the government any more than the 1975 referendum, which led to the UK joining the bloc.

The letter said during the 2016 referendum “the nature of the negotiation process and its outcome were unknown”.

It added: “Voters faced a choice between a known reality and an unknown alternative. In the campaign, un-testable claims took the place of facts and reality.”

The lawyers said the electorate should know what they are voting for.

They compared the situation to home buyers reconsidering an offer after receiving the survey.

The letter said: “When negotiations conclude, the terms of exit will be known. Voters should then have a say on whether to exit on those terms – just as a home buyer may reconsider an offer after receiving the survey, and a patient must be informed of risks before consenting to surgery.

“The meaning of such an informed vote will be clear to all and can help reconcile voters on all sides to the final decision.”

However, Mrs May has said another vote would be a betrayal of the pubic’s trust following the 2016 referendum.

This comes as the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has described Theresa May’s Brexit plan as “an absolute stinker”.

Last month, 700,000 people rallied for a new Brexit referendum in London

A spokeswoman for the Department for Exiting the European Union said the government was confident of a good deal with the EU.

She said: “The people of the United Kingdom have already had their say in one of the biggest democratic exercises this country has ever seen and the Prime Minister has made it clear that there is not going to be a second referendum”.

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