Brexit alternatives: The 21 Brexit scenarios as Boris attempts to break the deadlock

Posted on Oct 10 2019 - 11:40pm by admin

6. Once the parliaments act period is triggered, it is also possible that no new government will be formed.

If two weeks passes without a new government being put in place, a general election will be called.

7. If after the 14-day fixed term period is triggered a commons majority chooses to back a new prime minister, but Boris Johnson refuses to quit, there are two possible options.

The first is that the Queen will be forced to intervene and sack Mr Johnson, enabling the new PM to begin their role.

8. The second option is that the Queen will accept Mr Johnson’s legal advice and will enable him to continue on as the nation’s leader while a general election is held.

9. After Mr Johnson requests an extension, it is however possible that the EU will offer a short extension which will leave no time for an election or a second referendum – or potentially, the European Union will entirely refuse to grant any extension to the current deadline.

If that were the case, it is possible that MPs could back a no deal Brexit.

10. It is also possible that MPs could decide to revoke Article 50.

11. Another possible outcome is that MPs may choose to bring back Theresa May’s previous withdrawal deal with compromises to be made on worker’s rights and push it through parliament to be passed into law.

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