Boris receives backing to offer US huge trade deal concessions – but PM warned be careful

Posted on May 15 2020 - 1:49am by admin

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss is reportedly looking at plans to cut tariffs on US agricultural imports to boost progress on a free trade agreement with the US. In response, asked its readers if they would support such a move – and the majority backed offering concessions.

The poll, carried out from 12-9pm May 14, asked: “Is Boris right to plan huge trade concessions to speed up US trade deal?”

The majority of the 3,934 respondents backed the Prime Minister, and voted “yes”.

Over half of respondents, 2,221 people (57 percent) said “yes”, while 1,549 people (39 percent) said “no”.

Four percent of those who responded to the survey (164 people) said “Don’t know”.

Responding to the poll, one Express reader wrote: “I’m happy for Boris to give concessions. It doesn’t mean consumers have to buy American goods.”

One person pointed out a good trade deal will require concessions made from both sides.

They wrote: “Clearly a good free trade agreement will need both sides to make concessions as that is how trade agreement are made.

“I see no problem with allowing in US food and chlorine washed chicken is as safe a chlorine washed salads which we all eat happily when buying bagged salads.

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One reader simply put: “Until we know the outline of the deal no one is yet in a position to comment.”

But others were furious and demanded that no concession were made.

One user wrote: “No concessions, we must think of our own industries and agricultural sector.”

Another person drew parallels with the EU, and said: “Is there a difference from being told what to do by the EU, or being told what we have to concede to get a trade deal with the US.

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