Boris Johnson's girlfriend will not be joining him at No 10 if he becomes Prime Minister

Posted on Jul 22 2019 - 5:46am by admin

Mr Johnson is expected to make a speech outside No 10 at 5pm on Wednesday if he becomes Prime Minister but will not be joined by his girlfriend Ms Symonds, according to The Daily Telegraph. Traditionally, Prime Ministers stand before the cameras with their spouse in front of No 10 when they take up residence. However, Mr Johnson has not yet divorced his wife Marina and Ms Symonds’ presence could overshadow the new Prime Minister’s biggest moment.

She will also not accompany Mr Johnson when he meets the Queen to accept his invitation to form the new Government.

Ms Symonds is expected to move into Downing Street over the weekend, once Mr Johnson has appointed his Cabinet and addressed the House of Commons.

The former chief of the Conservative Party’s press office is being careful not to overshadow Mr Johnson with her move into No 10 and wants the speech to be “Boris’s moment”.

On Saturday, the couple were spotted leaving Mr Johnson’s home in Oxfordshire but made sure no photographs were taken of them.

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Mr Johnson has been told to spend next month “schmoozing” with MPs and their partners with Ms Symonds.

The couple are expected to hold private parties at the Chequers to win MPs round before he starts renegotiating a Brexit deal.

Sources in the Government whips’ office have said Mr Johnson needed to give Tory MPs the “full-on treatment” to get the party past Brexit and take on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a general election.

The source said the potential new leader needed to “be bold, show the Party where you want to go, talk to it, caress it”.

The source told The Daily Telegraph: “He has got to schmooze them over the summer with trips to Chequers, making sure he meets them and their other halves.

“They have got to get to know him, and get the full-on treatment from him.”

The source also said he should give senior roles to prominent Brexiteers like Jacob-Rees Mogg or Steve Baker.

They added: “He has got to understand the breadth of patronage available to him and be prepared to use it.”

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