Boris Johnson victory will result in CORBYN becoming PM warns former David Cameron adviser

Posted on Jun 8 2019 - 2:39pm by admin

Ms Trott made the startling prediction on BBC Newsnight. Responding to a question from host Katie Razzall, Ms Trott said she believed while Michael Gove could “surprise” people, Mr Johnson was likely to win the leadership contest. She explained: “If he gets in, I think Corbyn would immediately call a no-confidence vote.”

However, Ms Trott said that would cause more issues: “That means he’ll try for no deal, Parliament will try and stop him, that means a no-confidence vote , that will fail, therefore a general election and I think that will end up with Corbyn.”

An opinion poll conducted by YouGov after a request from Lord Bell was leaked by Guido Fawkes and seemed to suggest the Tories would have a clear win if Mr Johnson was leader.

With the former Foreign Secretary at the helm, the Conservatives would get 29 percent, ahead of Labour and the Liberal Democrats on 22 percent whilst the Brexit Party would trail behind on 13 percent.

Mr Johnson twice beat Labour candidates to become London Mayor.

In 2008, his 43.2 percent beat the 37 percent gained by Ken Livingstone and in 2012 he won yet again against Mr Livingstone.

The same opinion YouGov poll had Dominic Raab getting the largest vote share of any party in a potential snap election, but by a smaller margin than Mr Johnson.

With rumours speculating Penny Mordaunt, Defence Secretary is planning to become the 12th candidate in the leadership election, Mr Gove, Mr Johnson and Mr Raab will be joined by Sam Gyimah, Matt Hancock, Mark Harper, Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, Andrea Leadsom, Esther McVey and Rory Stewart.

Thursday will see the first ballot among Tory MPs with candidates requiring 5 percent or 16 votes to remain in the running.

More ballots will be held on June 18, 19 and 20 with candidates then requiring 32 votes or 10 percent to stay in contention.

Should all candidates reach this target, the one with the lowest tally will be eliminated from the process.

This continues until just two candidates remain.

A ballot of the more than 160,000 party members will be conducted over the following weeks with the winner expected to be announced on the week beginning July 22.

When this process is completed, Theresa May’s time as Prime Minister and party leader will come to an end.

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