Boris Johnson tells EU: Time to 'put a tiger in the tank and get this Brexit thing done!'

Posted on Oct 13 2017 - 8:47am by admin

Speaking in London following a meeting with Polish ministers, the Foreign Secretary said: “We’re looking for some urgency from our friends and partners, time to put a bit of a tiger in the tank and get this thing done.”

He said he felt the UK Government has made “helpful suggestions to get the great ship moving” and called on the EU to speed up the progress of talks, which have stalled in recent weeks as both sides fail to agree on some of the fundamental issues related to Britain’s EU exit.

Earlier today Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, said the two sides had reached a “disturbing” standstill on the key issue of the UK’s divorce bill.

He repeatedly said the three issues of payments, citizens’ rights and the Irish border must be agreed before talk can turn to trade.

Mr Johnson also warned that Britain must prepare for the possibility that no Brexit deal will be reached with the EU.

He said: “The prime minister has made it very, very clear that we are going to get a deal, we are working for a great deal, but obviously we must make the right preparations as and when it is necessary for a no deal scenario.

“Of course that’s the responsible thing to do and that’s what we are going to do.”

Mr Johnson and Sir Michael Fallon met with their Polish counterparts, foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski and defence minister Antoni Macierewicz, in London to discuss ties between the two countries with Brexit issues high on the agenda.

Britain’s foreign secretary also announced to the one million Polish people living in Britain that they are welcome to remain in the country after Brexit.

He said: “I want to repeat the key message to the one million Poles here in our country: You are here to stay. You are welcome.”

Meanwhile, Britain’s defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon said that the UK stands “shoulder to shoulder” with Poland in the face of Russian aggression.

Tensions have been high on Europe’s eastern border for years and Russia’s military drills last month, which saw the deployment of thousands of troops, prompted fears about the security of Moscow’s closest neighbours.

Sir Michael, alongside his Polish counterpart, told reporters: “The defence relationship with Poland is already strong, with Nato and collective defence at its heart.

“We are leaving the European Union but Europe remains out continent… we are deepening our defence ties with our European colleagues.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with Poland, and with British troops stationed in Poland.”

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