Boris Johnson supporter Bernard Jenkin explains why UK needs no deal Brexit plan

Posted on Jun 25 2019 - 10:14am by admin

The Boris Johnson supporter told Emily Maitlis on BBC Newsnight preparing to leave without a withdrawal agreement “makes leaving without a deal much less likely”. The MP for Harwich and North Essex claimed negotiations aren’t closed with the EU and there is still time to do what is in the “interest of the people”. Mr Jenkin said: “We will be cashing it, not crashing out.

“The economy will probably grow faster in the first year after we leave the EU.

“Even without a withdrawal agreement.”

Host Ms Maitlis quickly interjected to question the MP: “Is this you or is this Boris Johnson?

“He’s just said it’s very unlikely we’ll leave with no deal and you seem positively excited about no deal now.”

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Mr Jenkin responded: “Except what Boris is determined to do is absolutely flat out prepare for leaving without a withdrawal agreement because that actually makes it much less likely.”

Mr Jenkins’ comments come as Mr Johnson and Jeremy Hunt go head-to-head in a fight to be the next Prime Minister.

He went on to highlight the UK has the right to withhold the divorce bill to the EU.

He said: “I think, speaking personally, I would like to see some of those payments in order to make sure we get the goodwill.

“But if the EU is going to put up the barriers, the anti-free trade then we have the right withhold the money.

“The point is we are allowed to withhold the money, even the House of Lords committee said.

“If it is clear that the withdrawal agreement is dead and it is, the EU has to ask itself what is in its interest and the interest of its people.

“It’s in the EU Treaty’s to be in favour of free trade.

“They’re not meant to be putting up barriers for free trade.”

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