Boris Johnson launches INCENDIARY attack on Corbyn – ‘An expensive house in Islington’

Posted on May 7 2019 - 4:35am by admin

The former Foreign Secretary took aim Mr Corbyn who “wants to live in an expensive house in Islington – but he wants other people to live in property owned by the state”. Mr Johnson attacked the Labour party for losing whole councils in traditional Labour heartlands during the local elections. He said the losses show the “British public do not think Jeremy Corbyn represents the future”.

Boris Johnson wrote in The Daily Telegraph: “He wants exclusively social ownership and social rent.

“He wants to live in an expensive house in Islington – but he wants other people to live in property owned by the state.

“He is wrong about the economics. He is wrong about human nature.”

The Brexiteer hit out at out the possibility the recent local elections were a comparison to the end of the last Tory period in 1997.

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Mr Johnson pointed out the stark differences between Tony Blair and Mr Corbyn.

He wrote in the paper: “At this stage in the electoral cycle Blir was winning thousands of council seats.

“Corbyn has been so staggeringly inept that after agonising months in which the Government has failed to deliver Brexit he has managed somehow to share the blame.”

“Last week he not only contrived to lose seats. He lost whole councils – after nine years of Tory-led government.

“In some traditional Labour heartlands, he actually went backwards.”

The Conservatives lost 1,332 councillors, their worst result in 24 years.

Labour also suffered, losing a total of 82 seats.

The biggest gains were made by the Liberal Democrats and independent candidates.

However, Mr Johnson admitted the Conservative Party’s losses were due to Brexit before adding Labour’s defeat was “more unusual”.

He wrote in the Daily Telegraph: “I don’t mean to minimise the Brexit-related punishment sustained by so many good and hard-working Tory councillors, and they in no way deserved their fate.

“I merely observe that of the two blows administered by the electorate, the right hook and the left jab, it was the blow to Labour that was more unusual and more significant.”

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