Boris Johnson enters 10 Downing Street without girlfriend Carrie Symonds

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Carrie Symonds, 31, stood outside Number 10 to greet the new Prime Minister in beautiful pink, floral gown and nude suede heels. After delivering a rabble-rousing speech outside Downing Street, Boris Johnson entered Number 10 but Ms Symonds was noticeably not by his side. Mr Johnson is technically still married to his second wife Marina Wheeler. But last September they confirmed they had separated “several months ago” and divorce proceedings are underway.

Ms Symonds is understood to have played a huge role in advising Mr Johnson during his Tory leadership race.

And it is expected she will continue this role now that Mr Johnson is Prime Minister.

However, it is not yet known whether Ms Symonds, former head of communications for his Conservative Party, will move into Number 10 with Mr Johnson.

Nicholas Allen, lecturer in politics at London’s Royal Holloway University, suggested Ms Symonds did not enter Number 10 today alongside Mr Johnson to be more “discreet”.

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He said: ”It is difficult for him to walk into Downing Street with another woman when you are still technically married to someone else. That would be considered indiscreet.”

“Boris’s colourful personal life makes the traditional photo call problematic.”

But Ms Symonds’ presence before the cameras, on the sidelines if not by his side, suggests things may slowly be changing.

If she does join him at the Prime Minister’s official residence, at 31 she will be the youngest partner of a prime minister in 173 years.

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Mr Johnson was asked during his campaign if Ms Symonds would be joining him in Downing Street, to which he replied: ”On my own life and my family and my loved ones, I took a decision ages ago, long before I even became mayor of London, that I just don’t talk about people I love.

“They can’t speak for themselves and you drag them into subjects and areas of controversy and discussion that they don’t, in my view, deserve or want.”

Tory party member Angus West, 53, said at a hustings: “I think personal lives are personal lives and we live in the modern age.

“Boris has what I call a colourful private life. But there have been plenty of other prime ministers who have had colourful private lives.”

Mr Johnson today formally became the UK’s Prime Minister after meeting with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

The new Prime Minister said: “Good afternoon. I have just been to see Her Majesty the Queen who has invited me to form a Government and I have accepted. I pay tribute to the fortitude and patience of my predecessor and her deep sense of public service.

“But in spite of all her efforts, it has become clear that there are pessimists at home and abroad who think after three years of indecision that this country has become a prisoner to the old arguments of 2016 and in this home of democracy we are incapable of honouring a democratic mandate.

“And so I am standing before you today to tell you the British people that those critics are wrong.

“The doubters, the doomsters, the gloomsters, they are going to get it wrong again.”

Mr Johnson vowed to deliver Brexit by October 31 “no ifs or buts” as he also pledged another 20,000 police on the streets and 20 new hospital upgrades starting this week.

He also promised to improve education and to “close the opportunity gap giving millions of young people the chance to own their own homes”.

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