‘BO**OCKS TO BREXIT’ bus sparks outrage as Remain group parades FILTHY slogan to children

Posted on Dec 9 2018 - 6:33am by admin

Campaigners from a pro-Remain group began a nationwide tour with a bright yellow double decker bus emblazoned with the foul-mouthed sexual swear word today. The puerile phrase has sparked fury among British parents of all political stripes angry the bus will be paraded in full view of their children. Some have even demanded the police intervene claiming the bus is an affront to public decency. The bus carrying the nasty slogan is being funded by a group which also calls itself Bo**ocks to Brexit.

They are calling for a second referendum and hope to keep the UK in the European Union.

The campaigners are driving their bus all over the country, beginning this morning in Westminster.

They even plan to take the bus to Brussels next week before returning to the UK to complete their two-week tour by crossing the Irish border.

However outraged members of the public fear children will see the offensive remark printed in huge letters on the side of the bus.

Jack Hall, from Darlington, took to Twitter to express his anger at the actions of the group.

He wrote: “This surely comes under offensive language laws?? Kids of an early age getting education by treasonous remainers.”

Another said the police should seize the bus and arrest the campaigners.

They said: “Hope the police impound the bus and arrest all involved for inciting a breach of the peace.”

Another Brexiter wrote: “Reminds me of when a little kid is losing an argument, they resort to tantrums when they realise they’re not going to get their own way.

“Foul language is not debate, it’s actually rather embarrassing as it comes across as puerile and infantile.”

Others took to social media to say such behaviour undermines the credibility of Remainers and said they should debate Brexit in a more mature manner.

Jonathan Proctor said: “I do not agree with the bo**ocks (our asterisks) to brexit bus and I will not be supporting it or sharing any status in support of the bus.

“It is entirely the wrong message and counterproductive to us all.”

Another person called the bus a “hate crime” because of the swear word.

They said: “Can we report this as a hate crime – offensive and abusive word?”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said they were not currently investigating the bus or the protestors.

Madeleine Kay from the anti-Brexit campaign group defended their use of the word.

She said: We are using a fine Anglo Saxon word, which in this context means “nonsense”.

“It has been determined by a court of law not to be an obscenity, so it is not a swearword.

“Therefore anyone taking offense – it is their subjective interpretation and therefore their problem.”

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