Bobrisky’s arrest steers controversy

Posted on Nov 9 2017 - 3:55am by admin

Nigerians have reacted to the alleged arrest of Nigerian Male Barbie Bobrisky as the hashtag #Freebobriskry trends on Twitter.

Bobrisky was reportedly arrested by operatives of the Lagos state police command, although circumstances surrounding his arrest remains unclear.

The online personality, on Monday, revealed he is homosexual.

While some Nigerian are in support of the arrest, others have criticized the police.

Here’s what Nigerians are saying about the situation.

Kelechi Okafor : This is so upsetting. As problematic as I find Bobrisky to be, being gay shouldn’t be grounds to arrest anybody, Nigeria needs to do better.

Ada-Antoinette: I don’t understand how people are celebrating because bobrisky got arrested! The man said he is GAY! & so fucking what, don’t you have way more important things to do! What did he ever do to y’all, but to entertain you MOFOS on Snapchat! did he fuck your dad or something!

Ađéđiméji : But why will they arrest BOBRISKY?? What offence did he …sorry what offence did she. Oya sorry what offence did it commit?

Kelvin Odanz‏ @KelvinOdanz : Same Nigerians celebrating the arrest of Bobrisky are the ones who search for gay porn the most online. Hateful, bitter hypocrites. #freebobrisky

Damzywayne:Those of you supporting bobrisky are all mad. Werey ni yin. He said he’s gay in a country that’s against it and you’re talking about politics.

OsinemiOsinemi : bobrisky’s hustle is really going to pay now, he’ll easily get an asylum in the UK or US with this arrest #FreeBobrisky

Hero Daniels: Wrong move Bobrisky, you cannot be in a deeper life church and wear Brazilian hair, you cannot be in Nigeria and come out as a gay man

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