Blair's Brexit SABOTAGE is 'encouraging EU to offer WORSE deal' blasts Hannan
Posted on Jan 5 2018 - 5:56pm by admin

Staunch Eurosceptic and Tory MEP Daniel Hannan lashed out at the arch-Remainer today, after the ex-Labour leader issued yet another desperate last-ditch attempt to thwart Brexit.

Mr Blair has published a 32-page document titled “Brexit – what we now know” which claims the UK’s departure from Brussels has already damaged Britain’s economy by hitting productivity, increasing food prices and deterring investment.

The document has been hailed as the beginnings of an orchestrated campaign to secure a second referendum as the Brexit exit date on March 29, 2019, approaches.

But Mr Hannan skewered the Remain voter in a scathing rant on Twitter as he accused the former premier of encouraging the EU to offer a worse deal and force Britain to retain its membership of the Brussels club.

He tweeted: “The only effect – the ONLY effect – of Tony Blair demanding a referendum between the final deal and continuing EU membership is to encourage Brussels to offer a worse deal.”

Mr Blair’s report examines the impact of Brexit on 16 aspects of the economy – including financial services, agriculture, construction and the car industry.

And the document highlights the Government’s “concessions and chaos” over Brexit, while also criticising every potential outcome ranging from leaving the EU without a deal to adopting a Norway model.

However, the claims within the file have been heavily rebuked, with Lord Lamont, a former Tory Chancellor and prominent eurosceptic, saying Mr Blair is “delusional” and branded his blueprint as “project fear mark two”.

“We are as well placed as any nation to make a success of this century.

“The eyes of other countries are upon us, watching to see whether we stumble. We will surely show them that we are the resolute and innovative nation we have always been.”

He vowed: “2017 has been our best year yet, and 2018 will be even better.”

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