Blair grilled over 'undemocratic' Brexit stance on BBC Newsnight – 'like a cracked record'

Posted on Jul 22 2019 - 11:57pm by admin

The last Labour leader to win general election used his interview on the programme to once again call for a second referendum on a final withdrawal agreement with the EU. Mr Blair said it was important to “debate” the final destination the UK was to head towards. He asked Ms Maitlis: “Why is it undemocratic?”

Ms Maitlis told him: “Because you sound like a cracked record now.

“Surely someone of your calibre and your experience, could actually help get the country to a place where we moved on.

“We did what was best economically without having to re-run the vote, couldn’t you be the person that steps in, part of a national opposition or whatever to try and make that work?”

The former Prime Minister admitted he was not sure how he could make that happen: “Make it work how? I mean how do you make that work?

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“I agree the principle underlying view of the majority of the people in this country who aren’t fixed remain or fixed leave, their view is ending this nightmare.

“Here’s the problem if you end up with no deal, you don’t end this argument, you’re then going to have to go back to Europe and spend the next years out of the European Union, trying to renegotiate a preferential trade agreement.”

Mr Blair has long opposed Britain’s exit from the European Union.

After his resignation as Prime Minister in 2007, Mr Blair worked for the EU as well as the United Nations, US and Russia as Middle East envoy, which he resigned from eight years later.

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