Blackface Naija: 5 2018 songs by Singer you should be listening to

Posted on Jul 10 2018 - 10:17pm by admin

Blackface Naija has released a number of songs since the start of the year as he builds up to his coming album, and we have compiled a list of five songs that we think you should be listening to.

The Nigerian music industry has run half its page in 2018 and with the second half in play, one artiste who has served us some interesting and reflective songs is Blackface Naija.

Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo, popularly known as Blackface Naija, will be releasing his seventh solo studio album, ‘Defender Vol II’, before the end of the year, and he has been releasing a number of singles since the start of the year.

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Here are 5 songs released so far by Blackface Naija in 2018 that you should be listening to.

Hottah Fire

play Blackface Naija’s ”HottahFire” (Twitter/BlackfaceNaija)


Blackface has always used his music as a tool of addressing societal issues and on this song, he remains an advocate of the people.

‘Hottah Fire’ is a conscious tune that tackles issues happening in the country, biblically referencing the fire in Babylon in comparison with happenings in Nigeria as he sings, ”Dem kpai so many in Abuja, for Sambisa forest wey dem kill my girls, Innocent Nigerians dem butcher”.

The song is produced by Eden.


Rising Sun (Defender Vol 2)

play Blackface Naija in Rising Sun (Twitter/Blackface Naija)


‘Rising Sun’ is the upcoming album lead single, and is another tune with an important message that fits the present times.

Delivered in pure reggae vibes, and a mix of Yoruba and English language, Blackface Naija touches on how no one can stop the sun from rising every morning irrespective of the thoughts of another man.


Extraordinary Love

play Blackface Naija (Premium Times)


Anyone who has been following Blackface since his debut album, Ghetto Child, will tell you that outside being a fighter for the masses, he is also a lover boy and he proves this again on ‘Extraordinary Love’.

Produced by Phantom, Blackface shows his soft side as he extols the virtues of the woman that he loves.


Stop The Killings

play Stop The Killings (Twitter/Omede Ezekiel)


Released in April,”Stop The Killings” is Blackface’s plea to the authorities to rise up to their responsibilities of protecting the people.

The song is as emotional as it is captivating as he tells the stories of lives that have been lost and the bloodshed in places like Taraba.

”Stop The Killings” is accompanied by a gripping visual that captures real-life images of slain bodies gets to a height as he delves into his native language and questions, ”Which kain attitude you get to be killing your brother man?”.

The song was produced by DrRitzy.


Internet Girl

play Blackface Naija releases ‘Internet Girls’ (Youtube/BlackfaceNaija)


This romantic dancehall joint shows a different side to Blackface as he rhymes on how he met a girl over the internet on this upbeat production.

The song details recent trends where two people connect via the internet and even though they are in different countries, the internet has made it possible for them to find love.

This song produced by Super Differ is one vibe that will do well in the clubs and dancefloors.


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