Black Friday Fights: Cops Shut Down AL Mall Over Violent Brawl & More Nasty Scuffles

Posted on Nov 25 2017 - 9:19am by admin

Black Friday fights are erupting everywhere! An Alabama mall was shut down after a violent brawl broke out, and a baby was reportedly hit with a shoe during the chaos.

Black Friday is today, Nov. 24, but the drama started early when many stores opened on Thanksgiving Day yesterday. The Riverchase Galleria in Alabama was shut down at 11:20 PM by police after a fight broke out late at night between two girls, as reports, and paramedics treated one of the victims onsite for minor injuries! So scary.

After one person was reportedly detained, “someone threw a shoe over railing and the shoe hit a baby,” as Local Fox News producer Steffany Means also wrote on Facebook. Police officer Brian Hale said that “the fight was over a personal matter between two females and had nothing to do with shopping sales,” according to WVTM13, but when the shoe flew over the railing and hit a baby on the first level, “that started a second fight,” claims a witness named Jackie Robinson. Terrifying!

Fortunately, no one went to the hospital, and the mall has since been reopened. You can see videos of the violent brawl, which took place in Hoover (outside Birmingham) via Facebook and Twitter below, and be sure to read up on tips about how to stay safe on Black Friday here!

Meanwhile, another video of a brawl at a Walmart store has been making the rounds on Twitter, though it’s unclear if it took place this year. Watch:

HollywoodLifers, are you staying in this Black Friday? Or are you venturing out to try and get your shopping done in person?

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