Big Brother Naija: Viewers react to Tobi and Cee-C's 'kiss,' housemates 'gossiping' about Bambam, Cee-C 'bullying' Nina [Day 51 recap]

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Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 51.

Check out a recap of day 51, including social media reactions

Tobi and Cee-C’s kiss

Seeing as the theme for the week is Championship, Biggie introduced a challenge called ‘Bubble through the Hoop.’ For the challenge, the Housemates were to make bubbles using the bubble blower, and then keep them afloat until they reach the hula-hoop through which the bubble had to be blown.

Tobi and Cee-C were the first two Housemates to hoop their bubbles. After the challenge, Biggie announced that the winners were to dance for as long as Biggie wanted.

Minutes through the dance, the distance and awkwardness between Tobi disappeared as they gazed into each other’s eyes and seemingly kissed.

After the challenge, Biggie commended the amount of emotion invested in dance. However, they lost for not having had they shoes on.

Tobi eventually apologized to Cee-C. He also told her that he never conspired against her, but that his conversation was taken out of context.






Diary Sessions

During the diary session, Nina who broke down in tears told Biggie that she feels immensely misunderstood by the other Housemates and doesn’t know how they view her.

Cee-C told Biggie that she felt bad about some of the things happening in the house. She also asked Biggie how she could do better in the House and he told her that she needs to start communicating properly with her fellow Housemates.

Alex told Biggie that she thinks a lot of people in the House are completely fake. She also expressed her frustration with Nina, Cee-C and Rico.

BamBam told Biggie that she felt happy and at peace. Tobi told Biggie that he would keep nominating Bambam and Teddy A until they leave.





Reactions to housemates saying Bambam is fake

Housemates such as Alex, Tobi, Cee-C and Rico have often discussed why and how they think fellow housemate Bambam is fake.

During a new conversation, Alex told Tobi that Bambam’s walking step irritates her, while Tobi said her relationship with Teddy A is fake as the latter doesn’t treat her well.








Reactions to Cee-C ‘bullying’ Nina

Following Nina’s fight with Cee-C and an incident with Bambam, who had asked if she could help her make Samvita, Nina has been feeling down and misunderstood.

She broke down during her diary session and even told Alex that Bambam thinks she is her maid and irritates her.

Her breakdown elicited reactions on social media about bullying and housemates playing the pity card.






There are currently 9 contestants battling for the 45 million naira grand prize. With 51 days gone, the housemates have 34 more days to spend in the Big Brother Naija

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