Big Brother Naija: Viewers react to Nina's alleged oral sex with Miracle, Cee-C gets into a fight with Ifu [Day 39 recap]

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Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 39.

Check out a recap of day 39, including social media reactions.

Viewers respond to Nina ‘giving Miracle a blow job’

Fans of Big Brother Naija took to Twitter to react to a clip of Nina supposedly giving Miracle a blow job.

The controversial video captured Nina in a compromising position with Miracle, beneath the duvet.











Biggie lifts the mood in the House with some good music

Things in the House have been very tense lately, especially, with the preparations for the task, the water restrictions and general cabin fever.

Before the anticipated debate on global warming, Biggie decided to lighten the house with some good music.

Obviously some Housemates were way more into it than others, for example, Alex began co-ordinating group dance moves with some of the housemates, including Alex, Ifu Ennada, Lolu, Tobi and Leo.


Between Tobi and Nina

After the music session, Nina and Tobi spent some time laughing as she braided his beard. Miracle and Anto were also in high spirits, laughing away at the situation.



Celebrating their mothers

A part of the Task presentation saw the Housemates all imitating and talking about their mothers. All the Housemates were running around the House crazily, screaming “I love you mom.”

The last part of their Task presentation was an imitation. All the Housemates were asked to imitate a women in their life and tell everyone something about that woman that inspires them.

Each housemate chose their mom. Miracle sang a song, Teddy A gave a shoutout to his mother, while the rest shared their emotional and interesting stories about their mothers.

Between Bambam and Lolu

BamBam confronted Loluabout the fact the he has never cooked in the House.

He tried defending himself, but the current Head of House told him that the kitchen is open at any time for anyone to cook, including him, who has literally never cooked for the Housemates.

Between Cee-C and Ifu

Cee-C got into a fight with  Ifu after the later asked her to go take her bath so that she could use the bucket. Cee-C was reluctant.

And after Ifu reminded her that she had used her water the previous day without replacing it, Cee-C got angry as the both housemates shouted at each other.

After witnessing the argument, Teddy A said he would love to return as a man in his next world. He also described most women as petty.

Task presentation

Obviously this week was all about conservation and environmentalism and Biggie made sure the Housemates didn’t forget it.

As they all entered the Arena all ready for their task, they walked into a sea of garbage and were told to pick it all up. Biggie also tied the Housemates together and make them wear diving gear as they put the rubbish into the correct recyclable bins.

Finally, the housemates started the debate on global warming. While the host and all the speakers were all in accordance, the three judges, Alex, Cee-C and Nina were lacking significantly in both their effort and engagement in the Task. Biggie addressed them straight and told them that their questions were weak.

After all was said and done, Biggie told the Housemates that they would have to find out tomorrow [Friday] if they won the Wager.




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