Big Brother Naija: Nina takes care of a slightly drunk Miracle, Tobi curves Cee C [Day 52 recap]

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Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 52.

Check out a recap of day 52, including social media reactions:

Alex and Cee-C get into a fight

It’s still unknown what led to the fight, but during the verbal exchange, Cee-C told Alex that she is way below her. She also reminded her that she is yet to finish school, and advised her to learn from people higher than her.

Alex responded and reminds Cee-C that despite her high education, they are in the same place, chasing the same 45 million naira.

She also called Cee-C out for always talking about her fellow housemates behind them.

They eventually settled and discussed their issues.




The strip dice game

Miracle brought a twist to Alex’s and Tobi’s dice game. He suggested that when the dice rolled, whoever scored the highest number was spared but the one who scored the lowest had to take a piece of clothes off.

After Alex won Tobi, he had no choice but to reluctantly remove his top, and eventually, his pants as he wrapped a blanket around his waist to cover himself.

Lolu tried his luck but lost to Alex. Miracle went to the dressing room where he came out of dressed in tons of outfits. After Miracle lost to Alex, he had to go through the same walk of shame.



The egg race

For this task, Housemates had to select two housemates with the fastest hands and who had the fastest mouth. They chose Miracle and Alex.

Biggie then announced that the challenge would unfold in two parts, with the ‘fastest hands’ having to crack and peel the eggshells in five minutes, using only their hands and the back of a teaspoon, before the ‘fastest mouth’ had to eat as many eggs as possible in two minutes.

Alex fearlessly proceeded to eat twelve eggs with the help of generous sips of water. Yet she fell short of just one egg, which led to the housemates losing the challenge.

Between Teddy A, Cee-C and Rico

During a game, Rico asked Teddy A what he would do if he had to choose to jump off a three-story building, staying with his baby mama or starting a new life with Bambam. Teddy A chose Bambam.

Rico also asked Cee-C who she would choose if she found herself in a new Big Brother house – Tobi or a random guy. She chose a random guy, saying a lot that can’t be forgotten has happened between her and Tobi.




Rico, Alex and Cee-C discuss Bambam’s relationship with Teddy A

Alex, Rico and Cee-C had another conversation about Bambam and Teddy A’s relationship, which they have often described as fake.

During their latest conversation, Alex recounted how she felt hearing Bambam ask Teddy A to help wash her bumbum. The first time she shared the story, she had mentioned that Bambam was ill on the said day.

She said the incident left her traumatized.




Tobi ‘curves’ Cee-C

After an eventful night, Cee-C tried to spend some time with her ex-partner, Tobi. Unfortunately, he wasn’t interested.

He outrightly told her that he doesn’t need her on his bed. This comes a day after the two shared an intimate moment, and three days after Tobi got a strike for conspiring against Cee-C.

Nina takes care of a drunk Miracle

Following the Legend task, Miracle and Tobi found themselves slightly drunk. Nina, who has not been in speaking terms with Miracle, had to take care of him.




There are currently 9 contestants battling for the 45 million naira grand prize. With 52 days gone, the housemates have 33 more days to spend in the Big Brother Naija

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