Big Brother Naija: Leo, Ifu share their favourite and least favourite #BBNaija housemate

Posted on Mar 15 2018 - 8:53am by admin

Evicted Big Brother Naija contestants, Leo and Ifu, have shared their least favourite housemates.

According to Ifu, she initially didn’t understand Nina’s deal; was she intentionally acting dumb or was it part of her strategy.

She also said that she eventually got to realize that she is a sweet girl.

Leo mentioned his former strategic partner and love interest Alex as his favourite. On his least favourite, he said he had none as he was on speaking terms with everyone.


Ifu on her least favourite

Did I have a least favorite housemate? Maybe, in the beginning when just got into the house and there were 19 of us. I wasn’t really feeling Nina because I just really couldn’t get what her deal was, like if she was intentionally trying to be dumb, [or] if it was like a strategy.

But as the weeks went by, I saw that she was actually a very sweet girl. 

So I won’t say that she was my least favorite. I think maybe at certain points when people did some things to me, they would take that spot as my least favorite.

But it wasn’t for long. I think I belonged to everyone but I was for no one.

Ifu on her favourite

Towards the end of my stay in the house, I started getting fond of Alex. Because of my partner [Leo] I started understanding her better. I am actually rooting for Alex.

Leo on his favourite housemate

Everybody knows is Alex, obviously. We had a very great connection and I think the reason why we bonded that much is because I really believed in her abilities.

People don’t know that she is a very good writer, people don’t know that she knows how to conjure a lot of beautiful stories; short and long stories.

People don’t know that she is a very good host as well. So there a lot of things about her that people didn’t know that I knew, discovered and encouraged her about. That was what caused our bond.

Leo on his least favourite

Least favourite? I really didn’t have a least favourite because I spoke to everyone and I was surrounded by a lot of intelligent housemates, and getting knowledge from them was very exceptional.

I have not been in the midst of a lot of  people in my generation that are that brilliant in a very long time. So that was just a great highlight for me.

Leo and Ifu were evicted from the Big Brother house on Sunday, March 11, 2018.

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