Big Brother Naija: Cee-C and Tobi fight, nominations, Bambam's save and replace [Day 36 recap]

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Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 36.

Check out a recap of day 36, including social media reactions.

Head of House challenge

play Teddy A and Bambam during Head of House challenge  

Bambam emerged the new Head of House on Big Brother Naija for the first time.

She beat out fellow contenders Tobi, Alex and Leo to win the title. In addition to her win, Bambam gets to enjoy the luxury room with her strategic partner, Rico, for a week.

The pair are also have immunity from possible eviction this weekend.

The nominations

Ceelo (Cee-C and Lolu) nominated Tolex and Mito.

Bamco (Bambam and Rico Swavey) nominated Mito and Lifu.

Mito (Miracle and Anto) nominated Lifu and Tolex.

Tolex (Tobi and Alex) nominated Tena and Mito.

Lifu (Leo and Ifu Ennada) nominated Mito and Tena.

Tena (Teddy A and Nina) nominated Tolex and Ceelo.

Bambam’s save and replace

Mito, Tolex, Lifu and Tena had the highest nominations. And as the Head of House, Bambam was asked to save a pair and replace with another.

The only pair available for a replace was Ceelo, so she saved Tena, and replaced them with Ceelo.

The housemates up for possible eviction this week are Leo and Ifu (Lifu), Lolu and Cee – C (Ceelo) , Tobi and Alex (Tolex) and Miracle and Anto (Mito).

Diary sessions

During his diary session with Biggie, Rico said that he misses his former partner, Ahneeka. He also mentioned  just how much it sucks that he doesn’t have a romantic relationship in the House. Nevertheless, he feels that this doesn’t make him less of a game player.

Cee-C told Biggie that she expected Bambam’s save and replace, considering that her “Big Brother House Boyfriend” was also up for possible eviction.

Leo told Biggie that pair dynamic makes the game more complicated as there’s always one half of a pair that one is closer to, and any moves consequently affect both.

Nina, who was saved by Bambam, told Biggie that she has learnt a lot and is now able to do certain things that she couldn’t do before Big Brother.

Lolu said that of all the Housemates, he would easily part ways with Tolex (Tobi and Alex). Anto told Biggie that she wouldn’t mind if Lifu was evicted as they have already won the Roc-Da Mat challenge.

Teddy A  told Biggie that his relationship with Bambam is built on loyalty and integrity and for that reason, he had expected the save and replace.

Cee-C and Tobi argue

A day after Cee-C wrote Tobi a love letter, the two got into a fight. As usual, they tried inviting a third party to settle their issues, but Miracle ran away from the scene.

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