Beyoncé Christmas jumpers: Beyoncé brings out her OWN festive clothing collection, but fans have been left UPSET over joke slogan on £42 sweater

Posted on Nov 27 2017 - 4:10pm by admin

Beyonce has left fans unimpressed with her Christmas collection Beyonce has left fans unimpressed with her Christmas collection [Getty]

Beyonce has jumped aboard the Christmas mania by bringing out her very own festive clothing collection.

Which means naturally the Lemonade hit maker included a line of Christmas jumpers to help fans celebrate in style. 

But as it turns out, not all fans were impressed by the line designed by Jay Z’s wife. 

In fact, one jumper in particularly has come under fire. 

The black jumper simply reads 'Beyonce holiday jumper' and costs £42The black jumper simply reads ‘Beyonce holiday jumper’ and costs £42 []

The black sweater reads ‘Beyonce Holiday Sweater’ and will set fans back $ 55 (or £42) for the 50 per cent cotton and 50 per cent polyester mix. 

Commenting on the crewneck, one person wrote on Twitter: “Seriously. This is the sh*ttest Christmas jumper ever. Just LOOK at it. Forty two f*cking quid.”

While one person branded it a “colossal rip off”, another complained it lacked the class fans would expect from the former Destiny’s Child singer. 

They tweeted: “I’m dead surprised as I thought she was classier than this, but apparently not.”

beyonceBeyonce has brought out a line of non-traditional festive jumpers and tees [Instagram]

Another added: “She has enough money. She doesn’t need to do this. I’m cross.” While one Twitter user commented that it looks like she designed the line in ten minutes, others likened the pricey jumper to something from the supermarket basic lines. 

One said “It’s a designer version of that joke Tesco Value one” while a second added that Sainsbury’s have better offerings for a third of the price.” 

Another summed up: “Actually, I think it’s funny. Not £42 funny. But funny.”

The slogans also comes on a pink and white T-shirt. The jumpers comes as part of a wider collection, with other designs reading ‘Have a thicc holiday’ and ‘Sis the season.’

Some of Beyonce's other designs were better received Some of Beyonce’s other designs were better received []

But some fans have been more impressed by the other two designs. One wrote: “Instant purchase. Best Christmas jumper ever. Love you @beyonce you are mighty. #sistheseason #slay.”

Beyonce is yet to comment on any backlash over the festive line. 

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