Ben Jardine's Married At First Sight wife Stephanie reveals she has lost one stone in just three weeks due to his Celebrity Big Brother appearance

Posted on Aug 30 2018 - 11:50pm by admin

Stephanie Saint Remy claimed she had lost three stone from stress Stephanie Saint Remy claimed she had lost one stone from stress [Instagram/ Stephanie Saint Remy]

Celebrity Big Brother star Ben Jardine’s Married At First Sight wife Stephanie Saint Remy has revealed that his antics on the show have caused her to lose one stone in weight. 

The brunette beauty has been very vocal about how heartbroken she was following her split from the CBB hopeful, even revealing that she “didn’t want to be here” anymore after he cheated on her and then got a mystery woman pregnant. 

Now she has told followers on Instagram that his appearance on the Channel 5 show has left her struggling further. 

Stephanie Saint Remy shared her weightloss with fansStephanie Saint Remy shared her weightloss with fans [Instagram/ Stephanie Saint Remy]

Stephanie Saint Remy showed fans her eye bags from stressStephanie Saint Remy showed fans her eye bags from stress [Instagram/ Stephanie Saint Remy]

In a candid post, Stephanie wrote: “I’m on my way to counselling so thought I’d share this: 5 months ago I was in a really bad place emotionally but my friends picked up the pieces and put me back together. 

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“Then from 6th August (the day he used our meeting with divorce lawyers to announce he was going on CBB and the circus started again) I’ve lost almost a stone (6kg) in 3 weeks with the stress. 

“Opening up has helped me deal with it but I’m still not looking too healthy, with broken nails, greasy hair, flaky scalp, pale skin, and such bad bags under my eyes the shops try to charge me 5p every time I walk out.”

Celebrity Big Brother’s Roxanne Pallett STUNNED as Ben Jardine says he’s expecting a babyStephanie was left devastated as Ben Jardine announced he was going on CBB [Channel 5]

Sharing multiple pictures cataloguing how Ben’s behaviour had affected her – including a bikini shot and a recent snap of the bags under her eyes – Steph explained: “The photos are: me just before getting married, how my nails look naturally (that’s not a French manicure!), and how I look now with ribs, bags, and broken nails. How does stress affect you physically?” 

Ben announced that his marriage was over in March, during an interview on FUBAR Radio, with Stephanie claiming that she was left gobsmacked at his actions.

Since then, he has been wasting no time moving on, even revealing to engaged Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett that he was in love with her.

Stephanie sobbed as she recalled her heartbreak after cheating reportsStephanie Saint Remy revealed her heartbreak over Ben Jardine [Instagram]

Celebrity Big Brother: Ben Jardine and Roxanne Pallett tipped to have SEX in the houseBen Jardine confessed his love to Roxanne Pallett [Channel 5]

The pair have developed a close bond in the Elstree compound, despite the fact that Roxanne is due to marry fiance Lee Walton on the outside world, and Ben is expecting a baby with a former romance.

Now Ben has has taken things one step further, telling Roxanne he “loves” her and she is his “soulmate”.

A clearly upset Roxy then tells him: “That’s hurt my feelings, that’s really disappointed me,” but Ben, who appears to be holding a beer, replies: “It’s how I feel, f**k em”. 

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