Beach Or Door? See New Optical Illusion That’s Dividing The Internet All Over Again

Posted on Sep 1 2018 - 10:51pm by admin

Is this a picture of a beach or a door? Check out all the heated arguments on both sides & find out the truth here!

America has been torn asunder, divided into two very different camps — Team Door and Team Beach. It all started when a woman named Becky posted the above multi-colored picture on Twitter and asked a simple question that would later cause a rift on Twitter: “Is this a door or a beach??? Hahahaha????????” And thus the newest illusion challenge in the vein of Laurel vs. Yanny and The Dress was born.

One person wrote, “It’s clearly a door wym.” Another Twitter user was absolutely mystified as how the now-viral picture could be feature anything else but a beach: “Whaty part of this is meant to be a door? I’m trying to see a door but I can’t.” One user was certain he saw a beach as well, but revealed he needed this to be verified (just to settle his mind), tweeting, “I swear it’s a beach but I need it to be confirmed????.” Another asked, “how the sack is this meant to look like a beach?” How the sack indeed…

As of this post, the internet was split on the issue pretty evenly, with 54 percent of those answering Becky’s poll admitting they saw a door, and the remaining 46 percent not budging from their pro-Beach sentiments. However, unlike the landmark case of Laurel vs. Yanny, an audio illusion which had both words recorded at different frequencies, there is a right and wrong answer to the Beach/Door debate. Are you ready? The correct is answer… is a beach.

What’s the most shocking is that a majority of the people who voted saw the picture in its incorrect form (including the author of this post who is proudly pro-Door forever). Whether you’re holding the Door or think that life’s a Beach, we’ll keep you posted on all of the pics of the most divisive optical illusions.

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