'Be patient, independence will come' Sturgeon urges SNP during party conference

Posted on Oct 11 2017 - 5:52am by admin

The first minister said that independence is still her main goal and that she will campaign long and hard for it.

She said: “To all of you here in the hall and across our country who are impatient for change, let me say this: We may not know exactly when the choice will be made but we can, we must and we will make the case for independence always.”

But, she told the party that the SNP needs to create a fair, equal and prosperous Scotland before moving on to fight for the country’s secession from the UK.

Sturgeon tried to call a second independence referendum before the autumn of 2019 but had to give up the cause following a disastrous general election.

But, she still promised a second referendum without making any promises on timing.

Sturgeon added: “If the last year has taught us anything, it is this: in an age of rapid global change, we cannot afford to be bystanders.

“That means speaking up for universal democratic rights and yes, it means campaigning for independence. But it also means acting and governing today.”

The SNP leader pledged a roster of left-wing policies after a revival of the Scottish Labour vote.

The biggest round of applause came when Ms Sturgeon announced that she plans to set up a not-for-profit energy company, as she vows that Scotland will become a leader in green energy.

She also indicated substantial tax rises arguing that it is not important how much money people pay but “what kind of country do we want to be?”

She also repeatedly talked about the Conservative’s “heartless” approach in Westminster.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson meanwhile has warned her colleagues by saying the Tories look to “old and white” to win in London.

She urged those in the capital to follow her lead and develop a clearly definable brand.

Ms Davidson, writing in the Evening Standard said: “We also need to look and sound like the people we want to represent. While we do much better at this at a community level, I would argue that, nationally, the Conservative Party still looks fairly old and very white.

“With a city that is more liberal, diverse, constantly growing, younger and more multi-cultural than the UK as a whole, the Conservative message needs to reflect the aspirations of Londoners.”

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