BBNaija 2019: Gedoni and Khafi’s relationship gets shaky as Nelson friend-zones Diane

Posted on Jul 18 2019 - 7:10am by admin

Gedoni and Khafi’s relationship has become shaky barely three days after it was made public.

Khafi has expressed fears on giving her heart to Gedoni, who didn’t seem like he’s ready to reciprocate.

Here’s a timeline of the Khedoni relationship

After Sunday night eviction, when Khafi openly confessed to having strong feelings for Gedoni, the relationship seems to have entered troubled waters.

During Kahfi’s conversation with Omashola, the police officer revealed her sadness about the distance between herself and Gedoni. 

Gedoni and Khafi 2 [Africa Magic/Big Brother Nigeria]Gedoni and Khafi 2 [Africa Magic/Big Brother Nigeria]

Omashola, who is close to Gedoni spoke to him on the need to address the issue with Khafi. 

Khafi and Gedoni decided to talk about the space in their relationship and she asked the fashion entrepreneur why they had been distant since the eviction night. She also wondered why Gedoni was absent when she was struggling to memorise her lyrics in the Pepsi Know Da Lyrics Task while other housemates helped her get through the struggle.

Speaking on her fears, Khafi said, “It felt like you only used me to get over KimOprah and now that she’s gone, you’re done playing the game.

Khafi who is a Britain trained police officer then told Jeff how she doesn't like it when women aren't giving a voice [MultiChoice]Khafi who is a Britain trained police officer then told Jeff how she doesn’t like it when women aren’t giving a voice [MultiChoice]

In his defense, Gedoni said he has always had issues in his past relationships as a result of being misunderstood. While blaming the rain for his moody behaviour, he said, “I don’t need you to make anyone jealous.” Gedoni also explained that he didn’t keep his distance intentionally but promised not to make Khafi feel the same way again saying, “I won’t make you feel that way again.

Nelson friend zones Diane

After many days of hitting on Nelson, Diane Yashim recently got the message clearly from the ex-Mr Universe Nigeria on Day 16.

Diane and Nelson decided to have a conversation on the seeming bond they share and Diane received a shocking response from the second Head of House. 

Diane has been friend-zoned by Nelson, who says he just wants to be friends with her. [Multichoice Nigeria]Diane has been friend-zoned by Nelson, who says he just wants to be friends with her. [Multichoice Nigeria]

Expressing how strong she feels about Nelson, she said, “If I tell you I like you, I mean it.” However, Nelson seems to have his head more in the game than going into a relationship. Responding to Diane, he said, “Let’s just be friends for now.”

Meanwhile, Nelson seems to be drifting towards Esther, the current Head of House, who was literally inactive in the first week of the show.

Diane is stuck between her feelings for Nelson and Tuoyo’s feelings towards her. She had a chat with Tuoyo regarding the awkward situation. Here, she made mention of the fact that the guy who claimed likes her, wasn’t reflecting his feelings in his actions towards her because he was emotionally involved with another lady in the House.

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