BBC Newsnight host grills HUMILIATED Anna Soubry after total COLLAPSE of Change UK

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Ms Maitlis began by pointing out to Ms Soubry: “You’ve lost half your members.” With Ms Soubry now party leader noting that losing 6 of its 11 MPs meant “more than half”, Ms Maitlis continued to ask: “You’re down to 5, you’re the new leader, you haven’t got any MEPs, so that you would admit mistakes were made along the way?” The former Small Business, Industry and Enterprise Minister replied: “I think it was the challenge that people did underestimate”.

The Remain party which calls for a second referendum lost its one MEP, Richard Ashworth, in the European elections and gained just 3.4 percent of votes.

Ms Maitlis pointed out the party polled 18 percent at one point and she had “met people who funded you, who got you started, who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for you in the European elections.”

The Liberal Democrats won 16 of the seats with 19.6 percent of the votes having won over much of the pro-Remain vote.

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable did suggest an electoral alliance to not split the vote with the Greens, Change UK but was rejected.

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The party has since claimed it will welcome Change UK members joining their ranks.

Ms Soubry said on the BBC 2 show: “Then let’s look what happened, unforeseen as it were, that the Lib Dems got that bounce going into the EU elections.”

The resignations mean Ms Soubry is joined in the party by Ann Coffey, Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie and Joan Ryan.

Ms Soubry is the only former Tory MP remaining in the party.

Ms Allen had previously suggested the party may not exist at the next general election.

Change UK has several local council members but has no formal representation on a local level.

In the European elections, Change UK candidates included Rachel Johnson, sister of Boris and Jo, former Conservative MPs Stephen Dorrell and Neil Carmichael, former Labour MPs Roger Casale and Jon Owen Jones, former Labour MEP Carole Tongue, former Lib Dem MEP Diana Wallis as well as Jacek Rostowski, who served as Polish deputy Prime Minister under Donald Tusk.

Ms Johnson would go on to criticise the lack of a formal leadership structure and describe the name of the party as “terrible”.

The campaign was marred when two candidates Joseph Russo and Ali Sadjady resigned and were removed from the list of candidates after racist tweets on their profiles came to light.

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