BB Naija: Bisola & Debbie Rise Fight Over Big Brother Naija Game

Posted on Apr 1 2017 - 5:14pm by admin



big Brother Naija reality tv convey, Bisola and Debie-upward thrust on Friday, March 31 engaged in a heated argument, ensuing to Derby-rise calling Bisola “senseless.”

Biggie gave the housemates a role to create a recreation match and after surroundings all of it up, Debie-upward thrust pushed for a change within the ideas and Bisola immediately adversarial.

both housemates got into a disagreement.

Debie-upward thrust walked prior Bisola and instructed her to “maintain shut!”.

Bisola would no longer take that as she retorted and rounded up by telling Debie-upward thrust to “close her fears and be bloody deaf.


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