Bam Bam’s message to Teddy A on his birthday is so cute

Posted on Jun 6 2019 - 3:18pm by admin

The reality TV star took to her Instagram page on Thursday, June 6, 2019, where she shared one of the cutest birthday messages you’d ever read. According to Bam Bam, she is not only proud of him but also happy that they have shared a wonderful journey so far.

“Hey handsome(I love that I make you blush)🙃🥰, Happy birthday Papi, The world is blessed to have a rare beautiful soul as yourself. It’s truly been a journey we both have been on, one many may never ever understand. You are hard working fierce, resilient, stubborn! 😅consistent yet soo soo tender. My gentle giant, as I so often call you… loving you makes me happy, the world ain’t seen nothing yet, they ain’t fully ready for your manifestation.

“My heart, my oxygen, my passion I love you daily and truly and will remain your ride or die, your Queen and your favorite song. Happy birthday my king… ❤️ @iamteddya can we start cashing in already, unbuilt empires await us😋💋 #happyalphamaleday #TAB #teddyabirthday @iamteddya,” she wrote.

According to Bam Bam, she was not only proud of him but also happy that they have shared a wonderful journey so far [Instagram/IamTeddyA]

Happy birthday Teddy A from all of us at PULSE. We all know since these lovebirds met each other at the last edition of Big Brother Naija, their relationship has continued to wax stronger.

A few months ago, when it was Bam Bam’s birthday, Teddy A was up to the task as he serenaded her with a beautiful message to mark her special day.

Read Teddy A’s mushy and romantic love letter to Bam Bam

Lovers of Teddy A and Bam Bam woke up today a very cute message from the former to the latter on her birthday and it’s one of the cutest birthday love notes you’d be reading today [Instagram/BammyBestowed]

The former reality TV star took to his Instagram page on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, where he shared a very cute photo of the birthday girl, Bam Bam with a message that goes to show that the love these guys share is far from over!

“Happy birthday to my queen, best friend, gossip partner, ride or die, business partner, personal adviser, and cheerleader. We’ve been through a lot together, lord knows we have. In this world of fame and wanting to build an empire you’ve always got my back just like I’ve got yours. You’re the definition of beauty, substance, class, subtlety, eloquence, intelligence, intellect and maturity. You saw right through me when no one else did and till this day you still do. 

Read Teddy A’s mushy and romantic love letter to Bam Bam [Instagram/BammyBestowed]

“No matter how tough I act you always have my mumu button lol. You were termed “fake” and I remember telling you the world would eventually adjust, they would realise you were raised differently. I could go on and on but I ‘ma whisper the rest in your cute lil ears! 😁 Today you turn 30, a significant number. May you continue to grow in wisdom, great health, prosperity, and abundant blessings. Happy birthday Queen B! ❤❤❤ #WorldBammyDay,” he wrote.

One of the highlights of Bam Bam’s birthday was the car gift she got from her fans. So guys what do you think Teddy A will be getting today?

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